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Kinsale Old Town, most colorful places in Ireland and the world

Kinsale Old Town

Yellow. Blue. Green. Violet. Red … Put together all the colors you can think of and you will get … Kinsale, one of the most picturesque and colorful places in Ireland.

Not far from beautiful Cork, the Irish town strikes at first sight. Every corner of Kinsale’s beautiful Old Town is an invitation to photograph. Whether it’s a small venue, a private home, or a nice and breakfast.

Over time, the small town of just over 5,000 souls has deserved comparisons with the Italian Burano.

Kinsale Old Town

One thing is certain. If you find yourself strolling through Kinsale Old Town, you will hardly be left hungry. Despite the small size, in fact, the offers are really numerous and varied.



Kinsale is located in County Cork, just under 30 kilometers southeast of Cork. From the latter, you can reach Kinsale by car, in about half an hour via the R600.
On the other hand, those wishing to use public transport can opt for the 226 bus, departing from Clontarf Street. There are daily trips to/from Kinsale, with an average travel time of approximately 50 minutes.

In summer, the town is literally besieged by tourists and, consequently, parking spaces are scarce. For this reason, the bus could be the ideal solution.


A few minutes from the main bus station, you can walk along Main Street and Market Quai. Along these two main city arteries, you can admire the most colorful and picturesque houses and buildings of the town.
A true rainbow of colors.

It is right along Market Lane, with the famous Milk Market Café, that you can start your photographic tour, admiring the colorful houses of Kinsale Old Town; perhaps starting with an excellent “fish and chips” served in the restaurant (COVID permitting), or from Dinos, a real institution in these parts.
The Stone Mad store is another source of inspiration for customary photos and selfies.
You can also immortalize yourself in one of the many colorful doors on Main Street.
And, while you’re at it, you can take a dip in the history of Lusitania at the Regional Museum, nearby. A short but interesting route, with free admission (you can make a donation at will, rather welcome).

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