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Kinsale, colorful town in Ireland. Arrive by car, train and air from Cork


A (a)typical Irish town!

Kinsale is considered to be one of the most picturesque and interesting towns in Ireland. A place that is not exactly calm and relaxing, especially in summer, when it is literally overrun by tourists.

Between the renowned Main Street and Market Lane you can admire a real rainbow of colors. Whether they are private homes, or city premises. Walking through the splendid alleys, you will find visitors from everywhere, ready to take pictures and selfies of the ritual, among the colorful facades of the buildings.

Each corner is an invitation to photograph.
Each corner is an invitation to stop. Because in its small historic center, bars, restaurants and cafes swarm. You will only have an abundance of choice and, hardly, you will return home without having tasted something. Maybe some excellent fish and chips at Dinos, an authentic institution in these parts.
For many, it is considered the gastronomic capital of Ireland. Its Gourmet festival, active for more than 40 years, is known throughout the country!


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But the beauty of this town goes far beyond the square, the colorful houses and its winding alleys. In fact, Kinsale has been able to keep its seafaring vocation alive. Next to the clubs and some suggestive monuments, you will not fail to relax walking along the port.



Coming from abroad, the best solution is to reach nearby Cork by plane, then continuing by bus or by car.
Cork airport is the second most important in the country, obviously behind Dublin airport. It is just 20 kilometers away. Dublin airport, on the other hand, is about 300 kilometers away.


Cork International Airport offers direct daily connections to numerous British and European destinations. From here, you can reach your destination with the convenient bus 226. The parking is located outside the terminal. The bus takes about 30 minutes. The one-way ticket costs €7.30 per person.
Alternatively, you can rent a car from Cork.


Dublin International AirportDublin International Airport is located about 300 kilometers from Kinsale, from which it is well connected both by bus and by car.
From the airport, you mainly cross the M7 and M8 (towards Cork), for a total distance of 290 kilometers.
By bus, you must first reach Cork, with the 707 line, departing from the airport. In about 3 and a half hours you reach Cork and, from here, continue with line 226 to Kinsale.

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The City



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