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Getting around Gozo by scooter, car, bike, bus. Info timetable, tickets

Getting around Gozo

The best way for getting around in Gozo is by scooter. The not excessive extension of the island, in fact, makes it ideal to be turned on a motorcycle; or, even by bike. Public transport is a valid alternative. The buses, as for the neighboring Malta, are modern, reliable and with good frequencies.


The two-wheeler is the best way for getting around Gozo and get around the island. On scooters you can move freely.
The state of the roads is certainly not excellent. The same applies to maintenance. Many stretches, far from the capital, are on a dirt road. Also, take into account some steep climbs (not many).
An 125cc scooter would be ideal.
For the bike, it is worth the speech of Malta. In these parts, despite the recent improvements, I’m not very used to seeing cyclists around. The cycle paths are almost non-existent.
Nevertheless, the bike is a great way to get around Gozo and explore the island. Especially before sunset.

Near the ferry terminal, in Mgarr, there are numerous agencies for bike, scooter and quad rentals. For an 125cc scooter, in general, the rates are around 20/25 € per day, for a week.

Getting around Gozo


Public Transport Malta is the local company that manages public transport in Malta and the island of Gozo.
The tariff system is the same, and to travel to Gozo by bus, you can use the same tickets as Malta. Including the Tallinja Card.
15 lines circulate on the island, from 301 to 330. Almost all the main sites of interest, and villages, are served by public transport, particularly active in Mgarr and in the Capital.
The lines work every day, including Sundays and holidays, from around 05:00, to 22:30. The frequencies are around from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the time band.
After the 23:00, no buses circulate.


There are different types of tickets for getting around Gozo by bus. If you intend to move occasionally, we recommend buying tickets from single journey, directly on board the vehicle.
The price changes depending on the period. In summer it is 2.00€, while, from mid-October to mid-June, the price is 1.50€.
12 Single Day Journey is, instead, an excellent solution for group travels, and for families. This ticket, in fact, allows 12 trips within the island, even simultaneously. It is worth 12 months from the first validation, and costs 15.00€. You can also use it on night lines; in this case, 2 trips will be scaled with each use.
Also in Gozo, of course, you can use the comfortable ones EXPLORE CARD and EXPLORE CARD PLUS offering unlimited access on all buses, entrance to attractions, ferry and so much more. Prices starting from 21€.

Tallinja Card instead, is recommended to those who want to use public transport frequently. This is a personal card, named, on which you will have to put your photo. It costs 10€, but allows you to travel at the cost of 0.75€ on public transport in Gozo and Malta, with a cost cap of 26€ per month. Once this limit is exceeded, you will travel for free until the end of the month. In other words, after 35 you use, you will travel for free.
Suitable for long stays in Gozo and Malta.

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