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Open Kitchen 2024, in Ljubljana. Best street food gourmet events

Open Kitchen 2024

WHERE: Ljubljana, Slovenia
WHEN: every Friday, from 22 March to October 2024.

Experience. Sharing. Sustainability. Taste and love…
They say that Street Food is an excellent solution for socializing and saving money.
Try adding gourmet cuisine and the best Slovenian chefs and the result will be… Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna).

This is the most anticipated gastronomic event in the whole country, born in 2013 with the aim of making gourmet street food feasible. And the results were well beyond expectations.

If, today, Slovenia is considered a top-notch gastronomic destination, the reason is not only due to its chefs but, above all, to Open Cuisine.

Odprta kuhna, however, is not just an event for its own sake. A festival that winks first of all to the environment and sustainability and, therefore, completely plastic-free. Food and drinks are offered exclusively in biodegradable materials. Furthermore, everything that is left over is not thrown away, but given to charity. Because this also means sharing!

Open Kitchen Ljubljana

Photo ©, Tiia Monto



Open Kitchen takes place on Fridays, from March to the end of October, in Ljubljana, in Pogačar Square, from 10:00 to 21:00. This is the main square of the capital which houses the famous Central Market.
In addition to the capital, the event also stops in Nova Gorica, Slovenj Gradec and Vipava

It is located in the center, a short distance from the riverside and the “Bridge of the Dragons”. It can be easily reached on foot or, alternatively, by bus.

First official appointment, Friday 22 March 2024 starting at 10:00. There’s nothing better than setting off with the first rays of spring sunshine!


Open Kitchen is an extraordinary gourmet street food event for all palates. The proposals range from Slovenian dishes to international cuisine, sometimes revisited by home chefs. There is, of course, no shortage of products for vegans and vegetarians.
All accompanied by excellent wine.


It is an event within an event which, over the course of an entire weekend, will see the Ljubljana square invaded by rivers of beer and hamburgers.

The review takes place twice a year, during the months of May and September. At the moment, the official dates of the event have not yet been announced.

*all information contained herein, including timetables and prices, is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered official. All names and trademarks herein belong to their respective owners.

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