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Getting around Ljubljana by public transport, bus and taxi. Bike rent

Getting around Ljubljana

For the center you can easily get around on foot, considering the quite small size. By bike and ecological buses it will be possible for getting around Ljubljana and reach the main destinations in the short/medium range.


In what can be considered one of the “Green” capitals of Europe, using sustainable means to get around Ljubljana is almost a must. The bike, therefore, is one of the best options.

Bicikelj offers the possibility of renting bikes at very competitive prices. You can choose from around 300 bicycles at 30 different stations. With the weekly pass (T EDENSKA NAROČNINA), at a cost of just €1, you can rent a bike for as long as necessary. The first 60 minutes are free and, subsequently, you pay €1 for the next hour, and €2 for another extra hour.


Getting around Ljubljana

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BVG (Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o.) operates 22 bus lines for getting around Ljubljana. The buses are modern, efficient and, above all, with a low environmental impact.

Most of the lines are in operation from Monday to Sunday, from 05:00 to 22:30, with frequencies between 5/10 minutes on weekdays, and 15/30 minutes on weekends.
After 10pm the 6 night lines N1 (22:30-05:00), N2, N5 and N6 (03:15-00:00), N3 (21:00-05:00) and N11 (03:00) are active. 15-05:00).


Several private taxi agencies operate in the city, often with different rates.
Taxi compared to buses is quite expensive. Specify your destination well and before starting your journey make sure of the total fare.


To travel on public transport in the capital, you need to buy the Urbana card at the self-service stations (“Urbanomat”) at the most important bus stops in Ljubljana, and at authorized merchants. This non-nominative card costs €2 and can be recharged with an amount ranging from €1 to €50, to be used to travel on the buses.
The card must be validated on each trip at the appropriate reader, located
at the entrance door of the vehicle.

The cost of the journey is €1.30 and includes an unlimited number of free transfers within 90 minutes of first entering the bus.

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