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Putignano Carnival 2024, from 27 January to 13 February, Italy

Putignano Carnival

WHERE: Putignano, Italy
WHEN: from 27 January to 13 February 2024

Puglia, a wonderful land, which perfectly combines art, history, tradition, folklore…
One of the most beautiful regions in Italy hosts one of the oldest Carnivals in all of Europe: the Putignano Carnival.

An extraordinary secular event which, this year, reaches its 640th edition.
An event that begins as early as December 26th, and reaches its peak with the celebrations of Sant’Antonio Abate (January 17th) and the subsequent “Carnival Thursdays” and float Sundays.

The theme of the 2023 edition of the Putignano Carnival was “The evolution of fairy tales”. For the occasion, the Carnival was transformed into a real fairytale village, with an important mission: each float, in fact, told a story and then revealed itself along the parade. We await news regarding the 2024 edition.

The best papier-mâché masters will put all their skills at the service of the event, to tell the most beautiful fairy tales through unique and wonderful figures.

Putignano Carnival Parade

Photo ©, Saveriomazzone



The rich program of the Putignano Carnival includes events and activities for adults and children. The complete list is available on the official website. Below are the traditional events of the historic Puglia Carnival


Starting from Thursday 18 January 2023, shortly after the celebrations of Sant’Antonio Abate, the usual Carnival Thursday events will take place, each dedicated to a specific social category.
We start with the Thursday of the Monsignors and then continue, in strict chronological order, with that of the Priests, the Nuns, the Widows, the Madmen, and the Wives
Horned Thursday closes, one of the most eagerly awaited and followed fun events, with the traditional rituals of the gathering and cutting of horns.
Carnival Thursdays recall the past, between sacred and profane, in a succession of satire and fun.

Putignano Carnival Italy


All the skill and mastery of the papier-mâché makers is unequivocally reflected in the wonderful allegorical floats.
Sunday 28 January 2024 there will be the first of the 4 parades of allegorical floats. The papier-mâché giants are, as always, a manifestation of originality, refinement and creativity, and this year they will focus on the theme of the evolution of fairy tales.
Subsequent appointments will be Sunday 4th and 11th, and Tuesday 13th February 2024.


An ancient tradition, brought back to life only in 1997. Appointment at 9.30pm in Piazza Plebiscito, Tuesday 13 February, in front of an immense papier-mâché bell. We party, eat macaroni with sauce and dance from 11pm until midnight, when you can hear the 365 chimes of the papier-mâché bell. The latter indicate that the time for revelry is over and the moment of penance begins!


To attend the float parades and concerts you must purchase a special entrance ticket, valid exclusively for the selected daily event. Prices for 2024 have not yet been disclosed but should be aligned with those of the latest edition. We invite you to purchase tickets online, directly on the official website, in order to obtain the cheapest rate (on site, in fact, you pay between €2/3 more per ticket).

The standard price per adult to watch the float parade is €15 (reduced, €10). The parade + concert ticket costs €18.
Children up to 6 years old enter for free accompanied by a paying adult.
The ticket is valid exclusively for the selected date and cannot be changed.

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