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Putignano, Italy. How to get to Putignano in Puglia by car and bus


Putignano is a small and charming village in the Apulian hinterland, less than 20 kilometers from the coast, and just 15 from Alberobello, a world heritage site.

It is renowned for hosting the oldest and longest Carnival in Italy, whose celebrations begin as early as December 26th.

Its historic center, small and elegant, is gathered around the central Piazza Plebiscito, overlooked by churches, palaces and splendid residences.
Not far from the square, do not miss the fascinating Grotta del Trullo.

The proximity to the Fasano Safari Zoo, an ideal destination for families and children. To the fascinating villages of Locorotondo and Alberobello. To some of the most beautiful coastal towns in Puglia such as Monopoli, Polignano a Mare…. these are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss stopping in Putignano during a holiday in Puglia.


Putignano Italy

Bari represents an excellent base for reaching the hinterland. The city is served by the Karol Wojtyla international airport, among the most important in Italy for passenger traffic.


Every day, from Bari Centrale, FSE (South East Railways) guarantees connections to Putignano by train and bus.
The frequency is approximately one hour and the journey is 80′. The cost of the ticket is also approximately similar: €3.30 for a bus journey and €3.70 for a train journey.
If you arrive in Bari by plane, the train is ideal. From the airport, by train, you reach Bari Centrale station and, from here, you arrive in Putignano.


The city is served by the SS16 from Lecce and Foggia, and by the SD172 from Bari.
From Bari it takes just under 40 minutes to reach your destination.
From Naples, about 260 km away from Bari, it takes almost 3 and a half hours to reach the Apulian city.
Rome, however, is about 5 hours away by car.

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