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Haapsalu. How to arrive by plane, car, bus from the main destinations


Charming and evocative, known as the Little Venice of Estonia, Haapsalu is a beautiful town, about 100 km from the capital.

A romantic city whose origins date back to the 13th century, it has always been a favorite destination for its historical and maritime environment, warm sea water, healing mud baths and a welcoming atmosphere.
A place with many renowned events, in a mix of history, folklore, music and tradition. Like, for example, the evocative White Lady Festival.

Today, it is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the country, much loved by families, and by couples on vacation for a romantic getaway!
An ideal place for wonderful walks, picnics, mud baths …
Between spas, beautiful beaches and even museums, you can spend a fantastic holiday. Whether for a weekend, or a simple trip “out of town” from Tallin.


Photo ©, Hiiumaamudeliklubi


The Tallin airport, located about 100 kilometers away, is the ideal base to reach the Estonian city.
The airport is perfectly connected, with direct flights, to the main European destinations. Furthermore, it is a short distance from the capital, from which it is connected by tram and bus.
Once in Tallin, you can easily travel by bus and car to get to Haapsalu.


In just over an hour and a half, you can reach the estonian city Bussijam stop, from Tallin. The service is guaranteed by the two local companies GoBus AS and MKREIS X OU.
The price varies depending on the booking period and the company used. The costs are quite cheap, from a minimum of 6.55€ to a maximum of 8.55€.
Other connections, by bus, are guaranteed by Pärnu, Kärdla and other Estonian destinations.


The Estonian town is crossed by the 9 road from the north-east, connected with the E67 for Tallin. A road with a single carriageway and double lane, fairly smooth.
From the capital, it takes about 90′ to tackle the journey by car. Further east, St. Petersburg is about 470km, crossing the border at Ivangorod and passing, subsequently, to Tallinn; most of the way to the capital, takes place on E470.
Coming from Finland, the distance is not excessive. Helsinki, in fact, is located on the opposite bank of Tallin, separated by a stretch of sea of ​​about 80km.

To the south, from Latvia, Riga is about 300 km. Vilnius, the most distant of the Baltic capitals, is, instead, just under 600km.

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