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Dresden. how to arrive by plane, car, train. Connections and distances


The splendid … Florence of the Elbe.

Dresden is, today, one of the most romantic cities in Germany. This is made possible, of course, by the presence of beautiful Villas and buildings, museums, and truly unique monuments, such as the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche. But it is above all its fantastic position, overlooking the Elbe, to excite visitors. Places, views and views really really impressive.

A city that knew how to roll up its sleeves after the nefarious events of the war and the bombardment of 13 February 1945. Since the 80 years, a tough phase of reconstruction has begun. For many years, and even today, Dresden has been a huge open-air construction site.

Despite this, it remains one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. A city full of art and culture and with lots of events. Concerts. Riverfront shows. Events … City of music and Christmas. Right here, in fact, is held the oldest market in the country: Striezelmarkt.
Dresden, a wonderful city, to be discovered all year round.




The plane is the fastest solution to reach the beautiful city of Saxony. The non-excessive number of direct connections to the international airport, from Europe, however, could benefit alternative solutions. In this case, Berlin could be a good starting point. The international airports of Brandeburg, in fact, is only 170 kilometers away.
From here, by train, or hiring a car, you can arrive at your destination.

Landing instead, directly in Dresden, you can easily reach the center with convenient public transport. The S-Bahn allows you to reach the central train station, in just 20 minutes, for just €2.40.


The central train station Central Station, is the main railway hub of Saxony, and the city. From here, pass the S-Bahn and several tram and bus lines to the city center.
From here, every day, almost 70000 passengers pass.
Trains are efficient and particularly timely.
In Germany, connections are guaranteed with the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne by IC trains. Moreover, from Berlin, connections are guaranteed in EuroCity with Budapest and Prague, passing through Dresden.
In the 2014 he won the award Bahnhof des Jahres, for the best services offered to passengers.


Located a short distance from the border with Poland and the Czech Republic, the German city is an important crossroads with Eastern Europe. A trip from Prague, and even from Budapest, can be pleasant and fascinating. Above all, by anticipating a possible intermediate stage.
From the Czech capital, the short distance (150 km only) is a wedding invitation also for a simple trip of one or two days.
From Budapest, however, the distance is not at all prohibitive, less than 700 kilometers.
From Vienna, or Bratislava, the distances remain of the order of 500 kilometers.

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