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The Ile de Beauté!

In spite of the sea and the beaches, the main reason why you go on vacation, Corsica is an island that has so much to offer: nature, culture and lots, lots of history. An island of a thousand faces in which we pass from white beaches with transparent waters, to mountains for several months whitewashed; from marvelous citadels perched on the sea, to remote villages on the heights with incredible churches. Island with incredible charm, which retains its clear identity.

An island to be experienced and turned around. Welcome to the Ile de Beauté!



The island generally enjoys a Mediterranean climate, especially in large cities, almost all located along the coast. Different speech regarding the hinterland, characterized by harsh winters in which there is no lack of rain and snow. In the summer, sudden storms are frequent.

Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio and all the major coastal centers, are characterized by mild and rainy winters and particularly sunny summers. The ideal time for a holiday in Corsica is from May to September, with July and August ideal for swimming, with water reaching temperatures of over 23 degrees. In June and September, in the evening there is a strong thermal excursion, which offers particularly cool evenings: prepare the suitcases taking this into account.

Finally, we point out that the island is very windy.


By plane or ship: getting to Corsica has never been so easy, thanks also to its proximity to Italy.


Bastia is the main port that, by itself, serves over 60% of the passenger traffic of the whole island, and is second only to the port of Calais. From Italy, all year round, direct connections with Livorno and Savona and, during the summer, with Golfo Aranci in Sardinia, Piombino and Genoa.
Guaranteed links also with the South of France; Nice, Marseille and Toulon are the main ports from which ships heading to the island sail. From Sardinia it is possible, seasonally, to reach Ajaccio and Bonifacio.


The island has several international airports, located from north to south. The main ones are Bastia-Poretta, Napoleon Bonaparte in Ajaccio, e Figari-Sud Corse in the south, near Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio.

During the year, Air Corsica and Air France guarantee various connections with France. In summer, air traffic increases dramatically as a consequence of the greater tourist influx.

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