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Brussels Transport Tickets. Single trip price, season tickets, zones

Brussels Transport Tickets

Based on the fare system for Brussels transport tickets, since February 2021 the capital has been divided into two large areas: BRUPASS and BRUPASS XL. To move around the city, tickets for the first area should almost certainly be sufficient.

Since 2010, STIB has launched an electronic card called MOBIB, available in the BASIC or PERSONELLE version. This is a special card on which you can load all single tickets or 10-trip booklets. Both cost €5.00.

The BASIC CARD is anonymous and can be used indifferently by several people. You will not be able to upload passes or season tickets. The MOBIB PERSONELLE Card, on the other hand, also allows you to load all season tickets, and allows you to travel at a slightly discounted price (the cost of season tickets remains unchanged, however). It can be purchased at the numerous points of sale that display the brand name, and online. In order to activate this card you will need your electronic identity card or a photo passport.

Brussels Transport Tickets

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On the MOBIB card, you can use the following Brussels transport tickets:

BRUPASS 1 RIT is the ticket valid for a SINGLE journey on all public transport in the city, De lijn, and the Brussels-Capital Region, within 60 minutes from the first validation. Valid for a one-way trip, it costs €2.40 per person. Very affordable, the BRUPASS 10 RITTEN version. It costs €15.00 and includes 10 single trips; you will therefore pay €1.50 per trip, instead of €2.40.

BRUPASS 1 DAG, is a convenient ticket that allows unlimited access to all vehicles in the BRUPASS area. It does not include transfer from/to the airport. It costs €7.50 per person

If you do not want to buy the MOBIB card, you can use common paper tickets, called STIB-MIVB, which can also be purchased on buses and trams WITH A SURCHARGE. You can buy tickets for a single journey, at the discounted price of €2.10, if you pay on the vehicle with the CONTACTLESS CREDIT CARD mode. Outside, however, it costs €2.60; if you pay in cash, on board the vehicle, it costs €3.00 per person! There is also a daily paper ticket (MIVB 1 DAG) which costs €7.50 with contactless payment on board, or €8.00 if purchased outside.

To travel to/from Brussels International Airport, the normal BRUPASS and BRUPASS XL tickets, in all types, ARE NOT VALID. In this case, in fact, it will be necessary to purchase a special ticket called GO2CITY 1 RIT. The ticket allows you to travel within 60 minutes of validation, from/to Brussels International Airport. On board the vehicle it costs €7.00 with contactless payment and €8.00 with cash payment; if you buy it outside, it costs €7.50 per person.


If you travel occasionally and do not intend to buy the MOBIB CARD, our advice is to have a CONTACTLESS credit card. Quick and easy, it allows you to move around by public transport, taking advantage of discounted rates.

Alternatively, you can use the official STIB-MIVB app available for Android and iOS systems, or the automatic machines in the main stations and at the airport. If, on the other hand, you can’t help but buy paper tickets, you will find numerous merchants throughout the city.

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