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Batalha, small village in Portugal. How to get there by car and bus


Batalha is a small Portuguese town of just 15,000 souls, not far from Fatima and Leira.
Its fortunes (from a tourist point of view) are linked to the presence of the beautiful monastery, around which the current town has developed.

It was back in 1385 when the fate of the Portuguese crown was decided by the battle of Aljubarrota. At the end of the war, which saw the Portuguese troops (fewer in number) triumph over the Spanish ones, Mestre de Avis became King João I. As a sign of gratitude, to keep a promise, the winner had a monastery built near the site of the battle.
From here was born Batalha.

Today, the small town is the ideal place for a pleasant excursion, or for an “unscheduled” to admire one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.


Photo ©, Heribert Bechen


The city does not have a train station so it can only be reached by car or bus.


Leiria and Fatima are located at 15 and 20 kilometers away respectively.
From Lisbon, to the south, cross the A8 motorway (signs for Leiria/Loures). You arrive at your destination in less than 2 hours for a total of 150 kilometers.
Porto, to the north, is just under 200km away. It can be reached in about 2 hours via the A1/E1, passing through Coimbra and Leiria.


The bus station (Terminal Rodoviario) is located in the center, a few minutes’ walk from the Monastery.
The Portuguese company Rede Expressos offers connections to Batalha from the main Lusitanian centers, including Porto and the capital. We travel. Bus (not too cheap), equipped with all comforts, including WI-FI on board, and electrical sockets on each seat. From Lisbon it takes 2 hours, with a direct journey. Tickets cost €12 per person. From Porto, passing through Coimbra, you have to reach Leiria and change buses. The journey, including changes and waiting, lasts over 4 hours for a total cost of €18 per person.

Rodoviaria do Tejo guarantees connections from nearby Fatima and Leiria. From Leiria, there are 4 daily trips (07:45, 08:45, 18:20 and 18:50). Tickets can be purchased on board at a cost of €2.25 at standard rate; 1.10€ for children up to 12 years.

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