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Vacation in Antiparos. What to do and see. Cave, castle, villages

Vacation in Antiparos

Of the splendid Antiparos, above all, the sea and the beaches are the real protagonists. However, there are some elements of sure interest during your vacation in Antiparos

Ancient caves, churches, fortresses and, of course, excellent local cuisine, with products from the land and, above all, fresh fish.

Here, below, the places not to be missed in your vacation in Antiparos.


The main settlement is located to the north of the island, opposite Pounda, from where the ferries depart from Paros.

Antiparos Town is a delightful village, with a small and lively harbor, dotted with bars, cafes and excellent tavernas. Through its picturesque streets, you reach the Kastro Venetian, dating back to the distant 1440. Today, even though it has been modified, the Castle has maintained, in part, the style of the past. The houses that surround it, mostly overlook the outside, and have been transformed mainly into shops and souvenir shops.


Vacation in Antiparos - Cave

Photo, 2015 Kondephy

One of the most famous caves of the Cyclades, absolutely not to be missed during your holidays in Antiparos. Also recommended during an excursion from Paros.
Located almost in the center of Antiparos, the Grotto extends over several levels.

You will have to go down 400 steps to reach the cavity of what was a refuge from the Neolithic onwards. A truly fascinating journey, between stalactites and stalagmites.

There is no doubt that this is not the most interesting and best managed caves in the world. However, it remains an evocative and fascinating journey that we recommend not to miss. Starting from the beautiful church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis, right at the entrance to the site.

The Cave is open every day, from 10:00 to 16:30. The timetable, however, is subject to change. The ticket to enter costs 6,00€ per person.
We invite you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The cave is not accessible by people with reduced mobility.

From Antiparos Town, you arrive at the Grotto, crossing the village of Kampos, and continuing south for a few kilometers. Along the way there are indications. There is also a bus that connects, rather frequently, Antiparos Town with the site.


Antiparos is dotted with small churches scattered almost everywhere on the island. Some, really suggestive, offer truly extraordinary views and panoramas. The most interesting churches are located near some of the best beaches of Antiparos. This is the case of the splendid churches of Fanaromeni and Ag. Georgios Beach. Beautiful, solitary, in perfect Cycladic style, with the predominant colors of white and the blue of the sky.

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