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Antiparos Beaches. The best places in the greek island. How to arrive

Antiparos Beaches

Thanks to the many diversities, Antiparos it lends itself to be suitable for any type of visitor. Whether you love the crowd, or peace and tranquility. Alone, or in a family with children. Whether you love deep water, or not. Ch you want to do a simple swim, go fishing, explore one of its many caves, go diving …. An island really suitable for everyone.

The Antiparos Beaches are varied. Many are easily accessible; others, a little less. Here, below, the details of the beaches of Antiparos, divided according to the area.


During your holiday, or during an excursion from Paros, in the extreme south-east, you will find the bestAntiparos beaches. Probably, the most beautiful and evocative. The only ones, however, that need an appropriate means to be reached, as you have to travel several kilometers on a dirt road.


About 5 km from the center of the village of Agios Georgios, Sostes is the first beach you will encounter along your way. A fairly impervious path, crossing a dirt road.

Sostes is a fantastic beach, with crystal clear waters and soft sand. A kind of swimming pool. Really beautiful. Wild and uncrowded beach, especially in the early morning hours. Free of any service, and no bars or dining options nearby. Bring water and umbrella if you want to find some shade.


The paradise of Antiparos. Absolutely fantastic and spectacular beach, in the most remote area of ​​the island. The beach can be reached by crossing Sostes, and continuing for another two kilometers, all on a dirt road.

Marvelous, wild, secluded and completely immersed in nature. The sand of Fanaromeni is soft and the crystalline sea with shades of blue and turquoise. It dominates the beach, the namesake and impressive monastery, with spectacular views of the bay. No bar, or service, is present on the beach.

In the immediate vicinity, the small bay of Garbis, with the homonymous cove, is equally fantastic and evocative.


Picnik Antiparos

Photo, 2005 SNappa2006

In the city, you will have a varied choice, and above all, the opportunity to move between the many beaches, with a simple walk.


Rather close to the center of Antiparos, it is easily accessible on foot. In reality, these are two beaches, of which the second, further south, represents the natural continuation. Crystal clear water, golden sand and lots of natural shade, thanks to the trees that surround it. Equipped beach with bar, sunbeds, umbrellas and water games.
It is one of the busiest, especially in August, due to its proximity to the city.


The beach is about 1500 meters south of Psaralyki. If you are not allergic to walking, you can easily reach it on foot. To note that, not far from here, there is a bus stop.

Particularly fine sand, crystal clear waters, and trees, characterize Panagia Beach. It is particularly suitable for those who love tranquility. In fact, compared to the previous one, even in high season it is less crowded.


Also known by the nickname of Sunset Beach, it is a really beautiful beach, with golden sand and clear waters. It is located in the center, a few hundred meters from the square, on the western side. Not being protected by Paros, the beach is sometimes rather windy.

Nearby you will find benches, taverns and the namesake cafe where you can stop to admire what is probably the most beautiful sunset in Antiparos. For children, there is a small park with rides. On the horizon, Sifnos can be seen: from here, the name of the beach.


Another beach in the center, a few hundred meters north of the Port. It is the ideal beach for children, not surprisingly called Baby Beach. The beach, in fact, is particularly sandy and, above all, has shallow water.

Among the beaches of Antiparos, Agios Spyridonas represents, absolutely, the TOP beach for families.


Diplo Island - Antiparos Beaches

Photo, 2009 Chris Booth

Located north of the island, is the beach that is located in the immediate vicinity of the Campsite of Antiparos. It is about 1200 meters from the port.

It is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and turquoise tones. Given the proximity of the Camping, it is frequented above all by young people. It is one of the few beaches in Antiparos where nudism is practiced; the areas are well indicated.

Wild environment, with no establishments and bars. In front of the beach, not far away, you can see the uninhabited island of Diplo. You can reach the island by walking in the water from Camping Beach. In fact, the waters are half a meter deep! It is a magical and suggestive walk on the water.


Monastiria and Livadia, along the west coast, represent the best Antiparos beaches.


Quiet, wild beach, and ideal for lovers of relaxation and nature. It is reached, from the capital, going south in the direction of Kampos, and following the appropriate directions. A good part of the journey is on a paved road.

The beach is made up of sand and pebbles. The sea is crystal clear. Uncrowded and lacking in all services. Bring water is the necessary for your stay.


The best beach on the western side, as well as the most difficult to reach, being the path on a dirt road. The last trait is the most impervious; in case you do not have a suitable vehicle, it is preferable to stop the car and continue for the last 900m on foot.

Not one, but two beaches, among as many hills, in a truly magical and evocative setting. Really beautiful, and well protected from the wind. Sandy, with really clear and crystalline waters. Absolutely not to be missed, and among the best Antiparos beaches.


inland antiparos

Photo, 2005 SNappa2006

Compared to the west coast, the east side of the island reserves beaches equipped, and easily accessible. Precisely for this reason, these are less solitary and more crowded beaches.


Just 4 km south-east from the port, Glyfa is among the most popular Antiparos beaches. It can be easily reached by paved road and, in the vicinity, there is even a bus stop.

Well organized and equipped, with sunbeds, umbrellas, bars and windsurf school. Soft sand beach and crystal clear water.


Beautiful and peaceful beach, less than 3 kilometers south of Glyfa.

A rather small-sized beach with fine sand and turquoise waters. Not far from the bus stop.


Sandy beach, particularly equipped, and quite lively. Nearby, you will find bars and taverns where you can stop. The beach is clean, and easily accessible. The bus stops nearby.

Soros Beach, is located at 8 km south of the port.


Agios Georgios, or Ai Yiorgis, is a village located south-west of the island, about 12 kilometers from the capital. In this area you will find some of the most picturesque and peaceful Antiparos beaches.


A short walk from the center, this beautiful sandy beach offers beautiful views of the nearby Tsimimtiri islet. Crystal waters with shades tending to turquoise.
Quiet and unequipped beach, easily accessible.


A short distance from Vathis Volos, Agios Georgios takes its name from the homonymous church of Saint George.

The small Cycladic-style church nearby is worth a visit for its charming location and beautiful views.

Compared to the previous one, and more crowded and exposed to the winds. Once reached, we recommend stopping at the Taverna di Captain Pipino, to delight you with excellent dishes and fresh fish. From here, extraordinary views and unique sunsets.

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