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Amboise. How to arrive in the Loire by car, bus, train. Info and links


Amboise is a beautiful and charming town that strikes at first glance. A truly wonderful place to experience and discover, slowly, through unique views and panoramas.

Not just a stop, but a place of arrival. It is no coincidence that the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci has chosen it as a home during the last years of its existence.

It is in its historical center, to be turned entirely on foot, which pulsates the heart of this fantastic city. Between beautiful and picturesque alleys, buildings, churches and monuments, you can admire the magnetic charm of this small town of the Loire. With its marvelous castle to frame.
In the evening, the village lit up, it’s really a pleasure.

Monuments, landscapes and a great gastronomic tradition. You can stop and enjoy delicious wines, including excellent quarries. Or, savor one of the typical local dishes.



Paris is the ideal base for exploring the wonderful town of the Indre-Et-Loire Department.
The international airports of Paris Orly e Paris-Charles de Gaulle they are well connected to the main European and extra-European destinations.
From the airports, you can arrive by car or train to Amboise. In the first case, you can rent your vehicle directly at the airport.


In our opinion, the best way to reach the city and leave to discover the many wonders of the Loire. The car allows you to move independently in the region and in the main points of interest.

From Paris, the distance is about 220 kilometers, many of which can be traveled along the A10 highway. Further north, after crossing the border with Belgium, it is necessary to cover a distance of 530 km to reach Brussels.
From Bordeaux, still covering almost entirely the A10, the distance is about 370 kilometers. From Lyon, instead, passing through Clermont-Ferrand, you have to travel 460 kilometers.
From the Italian Milan, you have to travel almost 900 kilometers to get to your destination, crossing Switzerland and Geneva; the latter, is located at 550 kilometers.


Gare d’Amboise is the city’s train station, located in a good position, not far from the center. SCNF guarantees connections in INTERCITY and TER with the rest of the country.
With the intercity train you can get from Paris Gare d’Austerlitz, in 2 hours without making changes, passing through Gare de Blois-Chambord. Ticket prices starting from 28.00 €.

Furthermore, in Gare d’Amboise, the TER line runs between Nantes, Tours, St-Pierre-des-Corps and Orleans.
From Nantes, travel time is just under two hours. The price, at full fare, stands on 30 and 35 € per person.

From Bordeaux, to the South, you need to stop at St-Pierre-des-Corps, about 10 minutes from Amboise. The train takes between two and three hours depending on the connection. Tickets start at 42 € at a special non-refundable rate.

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