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Getting around Strasbourg by tram, bus, bike, scooter. Night lines

Getting around Strasbourg

CTS, Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeoise, manages the excellent and efficient public transport service in the city. Thirty-seven bus lines, 1 shuttle and 8 tram lines, ensure connections, in a widespread manner, both in the center and in the suburbs.

You can easily move around the center on foot, or, alternatively, by bike and scooter. The car is absolutely not recommended for getting around the city.


The tram network consists of 8 lines, each identified by a number and a color. Note that bus lines G and H are classified as trams. Trams represent an excellent and efficient service that allows you to move around the city. The races are quite frequent, and the service is guaranteed every day, including holidays, shortly after midnight.

Map for getting around Strasbourg

Photo, 2008 Maximilian Dörrbecker

Here are the seven lines:

  • Tram A: Parc des Sports – Homme de Fer – Illkirch Graffenstaden.
  • Tram B: Hoenheim Gare – Homme de Fer – Lingolsheim Alouettes.
  • Tram C: Gare Centrale – Homme de Fer – Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss.
  • Tram D: Poteries – Homme de Fer – Aristide Briand.
  • Tram E: Robertsau Boecklin – République – Campus d’Illkirch.
  • Tram F: Elsau – Homme de Fer – Place d’Islande.
  • Ligne G: Espace Européen de l’Entreprise – Gare Centrale.
  • Ligne H: Gare Centrale – Parlement Européen.

Trams run from Monday to Saturday, from 04:30 to 00:30; Sundays and holidays, from 05:30 to 00:30.
The frequency is 5/6 minutes from 06:30 to 20:00, and 15 minutes from 04:30 to 06:30 and after 20:00.


Thirty-seven lines active until late in the evening, and three at night, represent the excellent offer by road to move around Strasbourg. Thanks to the numerous and frequent buses, you can reach even the most peripheral areas of the city.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (including holidays) the night service called Hibus is active. You can take advantage of three lines, running from 11.30pm to 5.30am, running every hour from Place Corbeau. You travel with the normal ticket or CTS subscription. Hibus stops in the busiest streets and areas of the city.


The truly complete offer allows you to get around the city with bikes and scooters. There are several rental agencies.

For scooters, Parcus is a quick and convenient solution. Simply download the app (iOS and Android) and register in a few minutes. You can choose between the long fare (€10 for 8 hours), or for the daily journey: only in the latter case you will pay €1 for the service and €0.16 for each minute of use.

If you want to travel around Strasbourg by bike, among the various agencies you will find L’INCREVABLE which offers prices starting from €15 for the whole day! It is located at 3 place de Zurich.


To travel on public transport you can choose between different solutions according to your needs.

ALLER SIMPLE is the single ticket with which you can make a trip on a bus or tram; costs €1.80. On the bus, it costs 2.00€. You can buy the 10-ticket booklet at the special price of €14.10 (instead of €18.00), valid for one person only.
Under 12 and over 65, can purchase the ALLER SIMPLE tariff réduit booklet: 10 tickets at a cost of €10.30.

24H ONLY is a day ticket, valid for 24h. Allows unlimited travel on all Strasbourg buses, trams, Coaches Lines and TER trains, on Line D with destination Kehl; it costs €4.60 and is ideal if you want to make more trips. There is also a 3 DAY version, however, which costs €9.30.
If you are traveling as a couple or in three, you will find the 24H TRIO even more convenient. It costs €6.90 and allows three people to travel indefinitely on buses and trams within 24 hours.

In the city, considerable importance is given to the environmental impact. For this purpose, and in an attempt (which was successful) to limit traffic, several parking areas have been created, in correspondence with numerous tram or bus stops. And, again, to encourage the use of public transport, you can buy the P+R TICKET at a cost of €4.20. This is a special ticket with which a maximum of 7 people (!) Can leave a car in the parking lot for the whole day and make a round trip. In other words, with this ticket, an entire family, paying a total of €4.10, leaves the car for the whole day and can go to and from the center. Really convenient for getting around Strasbourg. Among other things, the car parks are always open 24 hours a day!

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