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Strasbourg. How to arrive by train, car, plane. Info, distances, connections


The perfect mix…. Franco-German!

Few cities in Europe manage to embody two cultures and two so different traditions in a unique and skilful way. Strasbourg is a city with a unique flavor, ideal for a simple “hit and run” or as an intermediate stop for Paris, Munich or Brussels.

Splendid neighborhoods, squares and medieval alleys. The beautiful, Gothic, Notre Dame Cathedral. The picturesque and charming district of Petit France. Palais de Rohan and much more. And, if this is not enough for you, try to discover the magic of the Christmas atmosphere. It is no coincidence that, since 1570, it hosts the famous “Christkindelsmärik”, that is, the oldest Christmas market in all of France!

Strasbourg France



Strasbourg-Entzheim, is the main airport of the city, just a few kilometers away from the center. Since 2011 it has been managed by SASE, société aéroport Strasbourg-Entzheim. From this airport, numerous direct connections are guaranteed with the main French destinations and some important European cities such as Athens, Budapest, Brussels, Madrid and Prague.

Alternatively, it is possible to land at Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport, also known as EuroAirport. It is the first and only example in the world of a trinational airport; in fact, it was built by Switzerland on French territory in the municipality of Saint-Louis and serves the city of Basel in Switzerland, the city of Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany.

Major air carriers land and take off from this airport, such as Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, easyjet. Every day, one or more flights are guaranteed to major European destinations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, Munich, Paris or Vienna.


Gare de Strasbourg-Ville, is the Central Railway Station, an important hub for connecting the Baso-Rhine and France. It is one of the busiest stations in the whole country. Gare de Strasbourg, is well connected with the rest of the country and the main European destinations, thanks to SCNF and DBB. The historic nineteenth-century building, which houses the station, is the work of the architect Johann Eduard Jacobsthal.

From Gare de Strasbourg-Ville, numerous TGVs leave for Lyon, Marseille, Munich, Mulhouse, Paris and Stuttgart. Other lines connect Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Luxembourg, Moscow and Warsaw. In addition, from here, numerous connections are available to Alsace thanks to SCNF / TER Albace.


From Paris and Lyon, it takes just under 500 kilometers to get to your destination. The motorway, although quite expensive, allows you to reach the city of Alsace from the main French and European cities. Luxembourg is about 200 kilometers away; Munich, just over 300, while Milan, about 480 kilometers.

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