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Shit Museum, near Piacenza. Stranger and curious places in Italy

Shit Museum

Castelbosco, a small fraction of the beautiful Piacenza, hosts one of the most particular museums of its kind: the Shit Museum.

Starting from the basic idea that “there is no transformation without production”, its creator has created a new material completely making it the protagonist of a large structure. But, above all, by unhinging stereotypes and clichés.

Thus, from a material considered waste, a completely new product has been created in which matter, more than form, becomes central.

Thus, admiring vases, flower holders, tiles, plates, bowls, jugs, the thought cannot fail to go to the substance of which they are made, making it one of the strangest and most unique places of its kind.
After the visit, don’t forget to buy one of the items at the Museum Shop.

Shit Museum in Italy




The Shit Museum is located in Gragnano Trebbiese in the locality of Castelbosco, about 15 km from Piacenza and about 90 km south of Milan.
Pay close attention to the speed limits due to the presence of speed cameras along the route.

The Museum can preferably be reached with your own vehicle. For those wishing to use public transport, the nearest bus stop is located in via Località Case Bianche, less than 10 minutes’ walk away.


The museum can only be accessed with a guided tour (compulsory). Reservation is mandatory and must be confirmed by email by the Friday before the visit. The day, number of participants and time must be indicated.
Visits are only possible during the days established by the calendar.
Entrance and guided tour: €5 per person (free for children under 18).
Payment only at the Museum


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