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Saint Gildas Chapel Bieuzy, strange and evocative places in France

Saint Gildas Chapel

As strange and curious as it is magical and incredible… this is how we could describe the Saint Gildas Chapel, also known as the Chapel of the “Pierre Sonnante”.

Here, in what was once a natural cave, the Saint and his disciple settled in the 6th century. And, in this very place, the famous Stone with which Saint Gildas called his faithful to relationship is kept.

However, what makes this place truly incredible, beyond the extraordinary charm of the passage, is its conformation: the Chapel is literally set under a granite rock, almost as if it were flattened!
What can be defined as a real miracle of nature.

Saint Gildas Chapel

Photo ©, hugovk

And one could also speak of a miracle by looking at the surrounding landscape, an authentic natural paradise on the banks of the Blavet, the river that crosses the Côtes d’Armor and the Morbihan. The place exudes a truly unique, and incredible magic. Total and authentic peace is felt.
The surrounding nature and the paths that thin out all around are beautiful.

A trip to this little corner of Brittany can hardly be forgotten.



The Chapel is located at 56310 Pluméliau-Bieuzy, in Brittany, just under 200km north-east of Nantes, and 50km from Lorient.
The car is the ideal way to reach Bieuzy. Once you arrive, you can opt for the more comfortable (and less fascinating) solution: leave your vehicle in the parking lot of the Chapel, just 200 meters away.

Alternatively, you can park in the Saint Nicolas des Eaux area, continuing on foot through the path that leads to the chapel. You walk for just under an hour through a beautiful natural landscape.
Another great option is the bike, a very popular vehicle in these parts. On the opposite side of the river, in fact, you can use the cycle path 8 (Saint-Brieuc / Lorient), also known as Vélo-Route voie Verte.


The best time is in spring and summer. In good weather you will have a better chance of finding the church open and, perhaps, expressing your wish in front of the “sleepy pierre”.
Keep in mind, however, that it is not very easy to find the small church open, especially in these very special times.
There are no official opening hours of the site.

In addition to the external visit of Saint Gildas Chapel, you can take wonderful walks and excursions in the surrounding area. Comfortable shoes and water available are obviously recommended.


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