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Crazy House of Hang Nga, in Da Lat, Vietnam. Strange and bizarre places

Crazy House of Hang Nga

Many refer to it as the Crazy House. Others describe it as the House of the Fairies.
More simply, it is the Hang Nga House, an incredible building born from the genius of Đặng Việt Nga, a Vietnamese architect.

It is located in the charming village of Dà Lat, also known as the “city of eternal spring”.

Freely inspired in concept by the ideas of Anton Gaudì (another brilliant artist), the House was officially inaugurated in 1990.
Since then, many industry insiders have referred to it as one of the strangest and most bizarre buildings in the world.
A place not to be missed.

Crazy House of Hang Nga

The Crazy House of Hang Nga was built as if it were an immense tree, whose roots incorporate the most extraordinary elements and sculptures.
Cobwebs. Caves. Mushrooms. Animals.

Today, the entire structure has become a hotel with ten rooms, each inspired by an animal.
To cope with the incredible economic efforts, it was decided to open the entire structure to the public even if only for simple visits.

Today, Hang Nga’s Mad House considers itself one of the strangest and most absurd places in the world.



The building is located in the village of Dalat, Vietnam.
From the capital, Hanoi, by plane you can reach the Vietnamese airport of Lien Khuong, about 30 km from the destination.
From the airport you can reach Da Lat by taxi, the main destination in the Central Highlands in Southern Vietnam. The journey by car takes about 30 minutes.


The Hang Nga House, as mentioned, has now become a hotel. The entire structure has fairytale connotations: instead of corridors, you will find caves and galleries.
Furniture and stone sculptures depicting animals and natural elements.
The 10 rooms are also inspired by as many animals, taking up the theme. The eagle room, for example, has been recreated inside a giant egg!

However, those who do not want to stay inside the building will have the opportunity to visit the entire complex.


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