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Sofia. How to get to the city in Bulgaria by car, plane, train. Info, guide


The most beautiful capital of the Balkans.

A modern-looking city, the greatest cultural center in all of Bulgaria, which can count on the presence of the University and the Academy of Sciences, and the very first industrial center of the country. Sofia will be able to conquer you thanks to her youthful and modern appearance; thanks to the friendliness of its citizens; thanks to its pleasant climate. But above all, thanks to its millennial history, which reflects in its architecture the different historical moments.

Sofia is also a city to live and see, with its historic center collected, its picturesque alleys, the splendid Aleksander Nevski Cathedral and a list of respectable tourist attractions.




Sofia International Airport is Bulgaria’s main airport, just 6 Km from the city center. Today, it is the airport with the most passenger traffic in the entire country (up to 2,6 million per year). Deeply renewed in 2006, thanks to funds from the European Community that allowed the opening of the 2 Terminal, giving it its current appearance.

The airport has two Terminals. The first one mainly serves the Low Cost companies. The traditional companies are hosted in the 2 Terminal.

To get to the center, you can use the metro (recommended) or the two bus lines 84 and 384. The ticket valid for a single ride costs 1.60BGN (about 0.82€)


Sofia is the main hub of international traffic on iron, well connected to the main destinations of Romania, Serbia and Turkey. The Central Station is just one kilometer from the center. From here trains depart for Athens, Istanbul and Thessaloniki.

Further information on prices and routes are available on the official BDZ website, from this link.


The motorway network, in recent years, has slightly improved, especially as regards the main sections. The secondary roads, on the other hand, have a poor maintenance and are, in many traits, rather uneven. The car, in our opinion, is not the ideal solution to reach the Bulgarian city.

Bucharest, the nearest of the European Capitals, is about 400 kilometers, most of which can be traveled on secondary roads.

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