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Sao Martinho do Porto, how to get to the coastal resort in Portugal

Sao Martinho do Porto

A splendid seaside resort and “Freguesia” in the municipality of Alcobaça, Sao Martinho do Porto is one of the best-known coastal villages in Oeste, together with the famous Nazaré.
A place particularly loved by families, thanks to its splendid beach enclosed in an inlet.

Particularly appreciated also for services and infrastructures. There are, in fact, two railway stations, well connected with the nearby Caldas da Rainha and Leiria.
And, of course, lots of bars and restaurants.

It was once a small fishing village. Then, towards the end of the 19th century, Sao Martinho began to be frequented by the Lusitanian nobility and bourgeoisie.

Today, the village is characterized by two distinct areas: the upper and lower part.
The upper part is the historical nucleus which developed around the Church of the century, with traditional houses. The lower part is the most touristic area of ​​the village, around the bay and beaches. Here are concentrated the services and the main premises.

São Martinho do Porto

Photo ©, Vitor Oliveira



Sao Martinho do Porto, together with the nearby Nazaré, cannot be missing from an on the road itinerary.
Leiria, to the north, is approximately 30 kilometers away, to be traveled almost exclusively on the A8.
The A8 is also the reference point for which it came from the south. Lisbon is just over 100 kilometers away.


For a day trip, the train can be a good solution. The train station (São Estação de São Martinho do Porto) is in fact located near the beach.
Obviously, the CP trains that cross the Region are not particularly known for their high frequency!
From nearby Caldas da Rainha it takes just 10 minutes. The ticket costs €1.60.
From Leiria, it can be reached in just over half an hour with the IR train. Tickets at €4.75 per person.
From Coimbra it takes about 2 hours to travel, with fares starting from €10.


Rodoviaria do Oeste is the reference point for bus connections throughout the Region.
From Lisbon, the bus is preferable to the train due to shorter times, cost, reliability. You travel aboard modern buses equipped with all comforts. The wifi line is available for free for the entire duration (just under two hours). The ticket costs 10.00€ per person.

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