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Ferrari Land Attractions in Portaventura. Guide, height limits, info rides

Ferrari Land Attractions

Ferrari Land is the theme park of PortAventura World, entirely dedicated to the Ferrari world. Inside, 16 attractions for all tastes, and age, and many shows not to be missed. Here is the list of Ferrari Land Attractions.


The Ferrari Land Attractions designed for the whole family and the youngest guests in the park.

Ferrari Land gallery. A real museum for the whole family, for an interactive journey on the history of the Italy team. They all enter, without minimum height requirements, in the Ferrari Experience building.
Flying Dreams. An imaginary journey on board a Ferrari GT. From 100cm in height, accompanied.
Maranello Grand Race. A fantastic path, along 570metri, on board the legendary Cavallino vehicles. Minimum height accompanied, 100cm.
Junior Championship. An attraction with many curves, with the whole family. Minimum height, accompanied: 90cm.
Kid’s Podium. A playground can be a series of mazes of slides. For children from 3 to 12 years, without chaperone. Minors of 3 years can enter under adult supervision.
Pit Stop Record. To feel like F1 professional mechanics. Minimum height, accompanied: 110cm.
Pole Position Challenge. 8 simulators to experience the 1 Formula experience. PAYS A PART
Racing Legends. Virtual reality will take you to drive a fantastic Ferrari, to experience the Formula1 adrenaline. Access to the Ferrari Experience building. Minimum height, accompanied: 110cm.


Ferrari Land Attractions - Vue densemble

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The Ferrari Land attractions for lovers of strong emotions and adrenaline. They require at least 130cm in height.

Red Force. The highest vertical throttle in Europe. You climb up to 112 meters in height, with an incredible acceleration of 180km / h in just 5 seconds. Insured emotions and adrenaline. Minimum height: 140cm.
Free Fall Tower. The name leaves little room for imagination. An exciting free fall from 55 meters in height. Minimum height, accompanied: 130cm.
Rebound Tower. An attraction to try the rebound movement of a Ferrari piston. Minimum height, accompanied: 130cm.


In the KIDS area of ​​the Park, fun is guaranteed for children starting from 90cm in height. Five extraordinary rides at Ferrari Land, with great emotions for … small visitors!

Champions Race. You drive fantastic Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 in a mini circuit. To feel like little pilots. Minimum height, accompanied: 90cm. From 120cm you can climb on your own.
Crazy Pistons. You climb on nice gondolas, at 9 meters in height. Minimum height, accompanied: 120cm.
Flying Race. Ready, go, take off in the clouds on board of aircraft with which you climb and descend without stopping. Children accompanied up to 105cm. Children taller than 105cm ascend by themselves.
Junior Red Force. The roller coaster for children, on board one of the Ferrari wagons. Minimum height, accompanied: 95cm.
Kid’s Tower. Climb up, down and turn without a break up to 9 meters in height, at the highest point of the Kids area. Minimum height, accompanied: 100cm.

All the attractions in the Park are perfectly accessible to disabled people and people with reduced mobility. Exclusive access is reserved for them.


The folklore and traditions of the most authentic Italy. The atmospheres of ancient Rome. The magic of the Venetian rondo. Music and incredible acrobatics, and a spectacular acrobatic basketball show. This, and much more, could be waiting in the Ferrari park. For scheduled times and attractions, we invite you to consult the official flyer, distributed inside the park and in the information point.

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