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Disabled in PortAventura. All the info for reduced mobility access

Disabled in PortAventura

PortAventura is a highly efficient and modern park, which has always been particularly attentive to social issues and the breaking down of architectural barriers. The disabled in PortAventura can spend a day full of fun and carefree. It is advisable to use one of the maps distributed at the entrances or in the information points, to move around in complete tranquility, inside the Park. It is advisable to start the visit, starting from the Far West area.

Here are some important information for the disabled in PortAventura.


Inside the Park, disabled people can take advantage of numerous services dedicated to them. Oficina de atención to the visitor with necesidades especiales is the information point for assistance. It is located just after the main entrance to the Park, on the left. On the opposite side, instead, you will find the counter for the rental of manual or motorized wheelchairs. The cost of the service is 9 and 30€, respective, institution, throughout the day.

The toilets for the disabled in PortAventura are located in the various thematic areas of the Park, all well highlighted. The First Aid for the Disabled is located between the China area and the México area.

Racó de Marc and Vinosfera in the Mediterranean area, The Iron Horse, in the Far West area, are the accessible restaurants for disabled in PortAventura.

Disabled in PortAventura


Disabled people in PortAventura Park have priority access to attractions from the area without architectural barriers. They can be accompanied by a maximum of 4 people of whom, at least an adult and able to take full responsibility of the subject.

As soon as you enter the park, at the visitor’s office with special needs, an ID will be provided to facilitate access.


Disabled in PortAventura Park can attend the numerous shows in programming, accessing the area without architectural barriers. Entrance to the disabled is allowed and 1 is only a companion. The seats, of course, are limited and subject to availability.


Not far from the main entrance, there is the parking area reserved for disabled people in PortAventura. To be able to access it is necessary that the invalid is the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, exposure to the windscreen, the special invalidity coupon of the owner is mandatory. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the area but you will need to use one of the Park’s common parking areas.

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