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Plovdiv, how to arrivare in Bulgarian city, by car, train or plane from Sofia


Ancient and marvelous city, from the events and the thousand-year history, European Capital of Culture 2019.

Plovdiv, ancient and historic capital of Thrace, is the second largest city in Bulgaria, known for its wonderful, perfectly preserved historic center. A place where history, art, tradition blend perfectly, giving unique views and images.
Nebet Tebe. Hisar Kapia. The famous Balabanov and Hindliyan houses. Stramna street, also known as the street of arts and folk crafts, with small shops and stalls. The Roman Theater. The church of San Costantino and Elena …

Located between the Capital and Burgas, Plovdiv is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria.




The small international Plovdiv airport is about 15 kilometers from the center. Direct connections mainly concern a few destinations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Russia. Air traffic is limited mainly to the winter period, due to its proximity to the Bulgarian ski resorts.

Better, therefore, opt for the Sofia International Airport, about 150 kilometers away. The airport is well connected, with direct flights, with the main European destinations. As soon as you land, you can arrive at your destination hiring a car directly at the airport or alternatively, using public transport.
From the airport, you can reach the city center by metro. From here, daily, Arda Tur guarantees bus connections with the city of Plovdiv. The journey takes just over two hours and the ticket costs 14.00BGN per person.

The train is an impractical solution, and not recommended.


Landing in Sofia, Varna or Burgas, you can reach the city by hiring a car in one of the three airports, and crossing the A1, artery that connects east and west of the country.
Alternatively, consider taking a car trip from Greece or Romania.
Bucharest, to the north, is just under 400 kilometers. To the east, same distance from the Macedonian Skopje. Thessaloniki, to the south, is about 450 kilometers, passing through Sofia.
The distances from Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic are quite high. Difficult to think of a direct trip by car.

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