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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. How to get there by car, train. Info, distance


The square mile richest in history in all of America!

It is in this area that most of the city’s main monuments are concentrated. Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Philadelphia (Philadelphia, in American), it was the first capital of the USA. The inhabitants call it, lovingly, Philly. And, love, it is the very term from which the name derives: philos.

A love that goes beyond sex, color and race. Philly, in fact, is a city of great religious and moral tolerance, and, at the same time, extremely romantic!

It is the fifth most populous city in the United States. Born as an English colony, it was the fulcrum of the rebellion, and the subsequent American Independence. It was the capital until 1790, before Washington DC.

Film lovers, and the legendary Rocky Balboa, visiting the city, will have no trouble finding places made famous by the film. Above all, the stairs leading to the Museum of Art, which Balboa has traveled several times. Other famous films have had the American city as their location: the film of the same name with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, or the more recent Private Justice.

Philadelphia, USA



Thanks to the presence of an important international airport, the American city can easily be reached by direct flight. Every day, over 100 domestic destinations, and around 40 international destinations, are connected by direct flight to the airport.
The latter, with around 30 million passengers in transit each year, is among the 20 busiest in the United States. London, Cancun, and Frankfurt are the routes with the greatest number of travelers.

From the airport, by car, taxi and public transport you can easily get to the center. Buses allow you to save on the ticket while the metro is the solution that combines speed and comfort.


30th Street Station is the main train station, run by Amtrak, located in Market Street, in the university district. Important and particularly busy, it is also a beautiful building from an architectural point of view.
With over 4 million passengers in transit, it is among the busiest railway stations in the United States.
Equipped with 15 tracks, it offers numerous connections with the Northeast Corridor, Keystone Corridor (Main Line) and SEPTA Main Line lines. With the city, there are connections with the blue and green lines of the Metro, and numerous buses.

Charlotte, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, Wilmington are some of the main connections serving the 30th Street station.
The connections are frequent and reliable. From Chicago, the direct train takes about 9 hours, with prices around $100 per person, at a non-refundable economy rate. From nearby Wilmington, you arrive in less than half an hour, with prices around $31 on offer.


From Maine, Florida and the East coast, you get to Philadelphia via Interstate I-95.
From Washington DC, it takes about 2h 30′ to travel the 140 miles, passing through Baltimore. The latter is about 100 miles away.
Further south, Charlotte, Carolina, is over 500 miles, via I-85 and I-95. In this case, over 9 hours are needed, to which to add any breaks.
The I-76, on the other hand, connects Philadelphia with Pittsburgh, the second most important city in Pennsylvania. The distance is about 300 miles, for a journey time of about 5 hours.
In the North, instead, New York is less than 100 miles.

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