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Visit of Obidos. What to do and see in the medieval village. The Ginjinha

Visit of Obidos

The beautiful medieval village of Obidos is the region’s favorite destination for a day trip.
A small medieval village, but truly fascinating, especially in the evening, when most of the tourists leave the small village.
With the sunset, Obidos offers its most suggestive and romantic part.
For example, try to cross the walls just before dusk comes!


The Castle is the real symbol of Obidos. But it is by visiting the surrounding area, and the village, that the town is best appreciated.


Visit of Obidos

From the main car park, you pass through Porta da Vila, the historic gateway to the city, from which Rua Direita begins. The visit of Obidos can only start from this main street, with its white buildings that contrast with the flowered balconies.

Rua Direita is also one of the busiest streets, especially after 10:00. With its shops, restaurants and bars it is considered the shopping street of Obidos. Stopping to savor a ginjinha is a must!


A pretty square on which Rua Direita ends, and on which the beautiful Igreja di Santa Maria overlooks. It is the most important church in Obidos, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. To admire the frescoed ceiling and the walls covered with azulejos. The Church has also had great historical importance; it was here, in fact, in 1444 that the marriage between Alfonso V and Queen Isabella was celebrated. The two Royals, at the time, were just 10 and 8 years old respectively!

Opposite the church is the Municipal Museum, housed in an 18th century building. A small museum, interesting for fans, created to promote the cultural heritage of the municipality. Of note are some paintings by Josefa de Obidos and some works of Sacred Art.


Obidos Castle and walls

Photo ©, Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The main attraction of all Obidos, dating back to the period of the Moors.
One of the top activities while visiting Obidos is walking along these suggestive walls that offer a beautiful view of the entire surrounding area.

During the crossing it is mandatory to pay the right attention. Not infrequently you may happen to extricate yourself between holes and bumpy parts. The handrails are also missing.
Not recommended for children and not accessible for people with walking difficulties.


A wonderful cherry liqueur, typical of this place and of the whole Region. The Ginjinha de Obidos can be considered as a monument. A visit to Obidos certainly cannot ignore a taste of this traditional drink.
In the city, it is served in cups of chocolate that you can eat after drinking! At the beginning of Rua Direita 7, there is the excellent place “Ginjinha da Porta 7” where you can savor this wonderful cherry drink.

Ginjinha de Obidos

Photo ©, Michael Coghlan


The city is generally visited in one day, or even in half a day. It can hardly be an exclusive place for a vacation. We opted for a visit of Obidos in the afternoon, after a morning spent in nearby Caldas da Reinha.
After 5pm, the village becomes particularly quiet and you can enjoy your trip in the best possible way, away from the crowds of visitors.
In this sense, you can opt to spend the night in the city, or maybe sleep in the Castle. More info from here.

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