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News November 2020 by Kanoa. Our new specials. News COVID

News November 2020

In recent times, many things have changed.
Too many, to be honest.
But despite everything, we are still here.

Summer is now behind us. We had fun. Sometimes, it has gone too far. Now we find ourselves doing the damage count.
But, we know that better times will come.
Waiting for Christmas.
Once there was talk of the Magic of Christmas. We have described, in all these years, the best markets. Places with a suggestive atmosphere, for young and old.

News November 2020

Today, we all look forward to Christmas with a look full of hope. Trying to leave behind a 2020 full of negativity. One year, we could say, with gray and black shades.

For this reason, we have decided to start again … from the colors of the world!
Because we imagine the planet like this, all colored. From soft and pastel tones to bright shades. This is our Earth. This is the world of Kanoa.
And we want to present it like this.

“Colors of the world” is our new section dedicated to the most colorful cities, places and neighborhoods. Italy. Cyprus. Morocco. Argentina … Truly magical places. Unique.

Uniqueness that represents the distinctive feature of the other novelty by Kanoa and J.L. Defoe: “oddities from the world”. And, over the years, we have talked about strange things, with the many curious events and festivals around the world. Today, at the time of COVID, events and reviews are almost all suspended. Better to focus, then, on the strangest buildings in the world. Between enchanted neighborhoods, upside down houses, snail-shaped buildings, there is really a lot to talk about.

News November 2020. Kanoa: all the colors of the world!


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