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Baku markets. What to do and see at Taza and Yasil, the best in the city

Baku Markets

On holiday in Baku, don’t leave the city without setting foot in the Yasil Bazar or Taza.
These are the two most famous markets of Baku, particularly loved by tourists and travelers.

Two permanent markets, open daily from early morning to late evening.

Real bargaining temples, they host numerous stands where you will find fruit, vegetables and spices.
Clean, tidy, they stand out for their excellent quality-price ratio.

The Taza Bazaar is located near the center of the capital. They say it has existed for over 70 years, a legacy of the Soviet Union’s past. Always fresh and quality products. Particularly noteworthy is Beluga caviar, an inevitable Azeri specialty on stalls.
The Taza is a riot of smells and aromas of oriental spices.

Yasil Bazar is the market most loved by the inhabitants. Here, farmers come from all over Azerbaijan to offer, in particular, organic fruit and vegetables and excellent grapes and pomegranates.

Baku Markets



The two Baku markets are easily accessible on foot, or by public transport.
The Taza Bazaar is located a short distance from the center, between Nizami and the Metro station May 28th. The latter, of course, is the reference point for those wishing to arrive by public transport.

Yasil Bazar is about 700 meters from the central train station. It can be easily reached by train, and with the lines of buses 5, 11, 83 and 199


Taza Bazaar is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 19:00.
Yasil, every day, from 06:00 to 22:00.
The times, however, may be subject to change on holidays and on particular days of the year.


In Baku markets, most traders speak Azeri, and Russian, local language. It is preferable to know at least a few words. In that case, it would not hurt to keep automatic translators on hand.
Keep a good supply of coins, useful for bargaining. In the markets, if you are good, you will hardly pay what you will be asked for. Often, the starting price is higher than normal.

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map of the markets

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