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Baku. How to get to the capital of Azerbaijan by train, car, or bus


One of the oldest, and largest, cities of the East.
Baku, is the capital of Azerbaijan, the most important port of the entire Caucasus.
An incredibly lively city with so much history, culture and tradition.

A place to discover, with interesting museums, historic buildings and monuments. Above all, the City-fortress with the Palace of Shirvanshah and the Tower of the Virgin, declared, in 2000, World Heritage by UNESCO.

The capital of Azerbaijan is also a truly efficient city, with a modern and frequent underground network, and excellent infrastructure. A football stadium of recent construction which, in 2019, hosted the Europa League final.

Small curiosity: with an altitude of 28m above sea level, it is the lowest capital in the world.


Plane, train, bus, car and even ferry. There are really many solutions to reach Baku.

Baku, Azerbaijan


The fastest, most convenient and probably the cheapest way to reach the city. The enormous distances with much of Europe, make this solution definitely preferable.
The international airport, located about 20 km from the city, offers numerous daily direct flights to the capitals and the main European and Asian cities.
With really cheap public transport, you can easily get to the center. Alternatively, you can rent a car at the airport, or use the taxi.


The central railway station is in the center, directly connected to the underground line (Jaffar Jabbarly station).
From here connections are guaranteed with Kiev, Moscow, Tbilisi and St. Petersburg.
From Russia, there is a weekly connection. From Georgia, a daily connection.
With the creation of the new BTK Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line from 2017, we wanted to offer a bridge connecting goods / people between Europe and China.
By train, expect excessive costs, really long times, and a couple of hours at the border, for customs checks.

The bus is a more popular solution than the train, to get to Baku. The connections have improved over the last decade, with the creation of a large bus station in the city. Furthermore, the prices are very cheap in relation to the train. By bus, you will arrive in the capital from Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.


Travel times and sidereal distances would discourage anyone from traveling by car.
The infrastructures are patchy, especially moving away from the main routes, and on secondary roads. Another sore point is the driving style of the Azeris, rather reckless and unwilling to respect the signals.
From Tbilisi, Georgia, it takes almost 8 hours to travel the approximately 550 km that separate the two cities. You cross the border at Krasny Most.

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map of the city

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