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Lipscani, the district of Bucharest, the heart of the nightlife, shopping center


The great capitals of Eastern Europe know how to enchant like few others; sometimes they have a beauty so to speak…. bewitching. This is certainly the case in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Often, walking through its streets and neighborhoods it is as if you are entering a sort of mixture between ancient and modern. Really impressive!

Lipscani is, undoubtedly, one of those areas that encompasses all these characteristics; a sort of neighborhood within the neighborhood, with buildings with almost intact facades, of limited height, small streets and small shops.

Ancient and modern are, as mentioned, a whole … and try not to be impressed by the dilapidation of some buildings: you can find them almost everywhere, next to modern clubs, pubs, lounge bars, cafes, ancient and fascinating places dusty… almost as if someone had wanted to create this unique and sensational atmosphere on purpose.

Bucharest Lipscani

Photo ©, Carpathianland

In ancient times, this was the street of traders: the name from which it originates (Lipsca, or Leipzig), in fact, indicated the origin of many of the merchants who, right here, traded items produced in Western Europe.
And it is no coincidence that, even today, many of the streets that are part of this district bear names derived from the craft and commercial activities that once took place: thus, you will find Road of the Saddlers, Road of the Furriers, Road of the Hatters and so on. Street. Among other things, Lipscani is the only district in Bucharest to have survived the demolitions of Ceausescu, keeping its commercial vocation intact.

Today, Lipscani street is one of the main streets of the city and is of vital importance in the life of Bucharest, a real nerve center, located in the heart of Centrul Istoric, that is, the Historic Center. With its many shops, boutiques, and, above all, bars, cafes and clubs, in the evening it is the real center of the Capitoline nightlife, with an extraordinary presence of young people.

In Lipscani, you will find a wide and vast culinary selection: Romanian (Victoriei 18, recommended), Greek (To Perigiali, good value for money), Turkish (Saray, quite good), Lebanese (Sindbad, for lovers of the genre). it’s really good)….

All these atmospheres are magically interpreted in the novel “The Hen Cleopatra“. If you haven’t read it, this is a good opportunity to take advantage. Take a look at this link, and… Have fun.


Tram N. 5 and 21 (stop Piata Sfantul Gheorghe), bus 381 (stop Piata Sf. Gheorghe); Universitate or Piata Unirii metro (about 700 meters away).

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