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Weekend in Bucharest. What to do and see: best museums, places, parks

Weekend in Bucharest

Welcome to the small Paris of the East. Large avenues, and period buildings stand out immediately to the eye. Weekend in Bucharest is the guide to visit the beautiful city in just two days. Bucharest is a city of great charm and, above all, full of nightlife. Seeing is believing.

The first day, the advice is to keep you in the Centro Storico area (Centrul Vechi).


With the metro, get off at the Piata Romana stop and walk along the wide Bulevardul. Some of the most significant monuments of the city are reviewed, including, first of all, the splendid Ateneului Român.


Photo ©, Marian Nedelcu

It is a beautiful temple, built between 1886 and 1888, dedicated to Romanian art and culture. Inside 600 seats in the stalls and 52 lodges; it is accessed through splendid and huge marble columns that precede the mighty stairways. Frescoes and stuccos are very beautiful. The acoustics are really fantastic. Maybe, you could try to attend a show: you could be really fascinated.
For a simple visit to the facility, the entrance ticket costs 10Lei. The building is open every day, at the following times:
Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 10:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. From Friday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 18:00.
For all the info and to know the shows on the bill, it is available the official website from this link.


Photo ©, Nicubunu

Going on, go to Piata della Rivoluzione, where you find the Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României, that is, the National Museum of Romanian Art. The museum is housed in the former Royal Palace, a building dating back to the 1937; Important medieval and modern works of art by Romanian and international artists are preserved, many of them collected by the Romanian royal family.
The building is open in the summer from 11 to 19 and winter from 10 to 18; closed every Monday and Tuesday. The ticket costs 20 LEI for each art gallery (National, Romanian, European).
For all the info on collections, timetables and prices, we invite you to consult the official website from this link.
The Museum, as mentioned, is located in Revolution Square: take a look, the square is really beautiful; here you can see, even, the holes of the bullets in some buildings of December 1989.

It’s time for the evening: for your weekend in Bucharest, choose, therefore, the historical center, district of Lipscani; narrow alleyways, antique shops, lounge bars, old breweries and beautiful premises. Have fun: there is something for everyone. And for all palates. We suggest you try the Soup or tochitura, perhaps accompanied by Romanian wine. The old tavern hotel is also located in Lipscani Hanul lui Manuc.

For a deeper knowledge of this beautiful and lively neighborhood, read this fantastic guide from this link is…. good evening!


Once the aftermath of the previous night has been disposed of, it’s time to visit Bucharest for the weekend.

Metro stop AVIATORILOR: go along 700m of Bulevardul up to Arcul de Triumf.

Weekend in Bucharest

From here it is possible to admire Kiselef Road, very similar to the Elysian fields. The Arch, high 27m, commemorates Romania’s victorious participation in the First World War. The current structure dates back to 1935, when it was decided to build a permanent arc in place of two previous ones; the first structure, in fact, was made of wood and was built in a short time in this same spot, so as to allow the victorious troops to march under it!

From the square you can access the Parcul Herastrau, the biggest park in all of Bucharest. In this wonderful green lung you can relax and stop at one of the kiosks walking on the shores of the homonymous lake, as the rich citizens did in the 800. It has an area of ​​around 1,1 square kilometers, of which more than half are covered by the lake.


Photo ©, Crislia

In the park there is the unmissable Museum of the Village Dimitrie Gusti, a sort of open-air, rural and extremely welcoming museum with wooden houses and churches typical of Romania; is a monument of history of the architectural diversity of the Romanian villages. (Open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The full fare ticket costs 20 Lei).
Along the area, stop at one of the bistros in the area: no advice, follow your tastes and your instincts, but try the traditional Romanian dishes.
From the Arc de Triomphe, by bus or on foot (25 min about 2,3km) you reach Piazza Vittoria (Piata Victoriei) with casino, luxury shops and French-style palaces.
It’s time to go back to the hotel to regain energy before the evening. Of course, go to Lipscani: eat, drink and above all have fun.


What to see in Bucharest

If you still have time available, you could dedicate it to visit the Parliament Building and the neighboring Parcul Izvor.
Izvor Metro Stop: The Parliament Building, also known as House of the People, is located on the hill Dealul Spirii. What makes this structure special is that after the Pentagon it is the largest administrative building in the world.
As always, this is a simple guide, certainly not a Bible: so take it as a kind of advice. You are the masters of your time; you can dilate it or shrink it according to your needs. Maybe, rent a car and drive into Transylvania: you will not regret it.

The time has come to leave; it’s never easy, and I assure you, when you leave the city you’ll experience a bit of nostalgia.

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