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Go to Scotland and best time for a holiday. Climate, best and worst month

Go to Scotland

When it comes to the climate in Scotland, a general rule applies: anything can happen !!!
It is not always easy to make forecasts that often, even during the same day, lead to overwhelming jerks.
To those who have decided to go to Scotland, we recommend preparing your own suitcase taking this little observation into account. Umbrellas, cool and warm clothes, hats and sunglasses should never be missing from your luggage.

From a climatic point of view, the country enjoys fresh summers and winters that are never too harsh. Any north currents that could lower temperatures are, almost immediately, mitigated by the Atlantic. In winter, however, you may also encounter days with temperatures close to zero.

The best time to go to Scotland is undoubtedly from the end of spring. The rains are rather scarce, and the days get longer, with so many hours of sunshine, and a really pleasant climate. Ideal, for example, to visit cities and travel the country by car.

Best time to go to Scotland

Through our κ index, we provide an assessment for every single month. This way, you can evaluate the best time when to go to Scotland.

January κκ
February κκ
March κκ
April κκ
May κκκκκ
June κκκκκ
July κκκκ
August κκκκκ
September κκ
October κκ
November κκ
December κκ


May is, probably, the best month to go to Scotland. In addition to the favorable climate, you can take advantage of lower prices than in June, July and August. An aspect of no small importance, considering that Scotland is generally rather expensive.
We recommend a trip to Edinburgh, in early August, to coincide with the spectacular Military Tattoo, an international event.


The decidedly acceptable temperatures do not exclude a trip to Scottish land even in winter. Autumn and winter remain the wettest months and, therefore, require a minimum of organization with an umbrella and raincoats.
February and November are probably less months prone to events and festivals. If you are looking for reviews in this period, you will have to move your departure date.

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