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Faro, Portugal. How to reach the city, in the Algarve, by car, by train


You say Faro, and immediately think of the Algarve. And it could not be otherwise.

The Portuguese city, thanks to the presence of an important international airport, is the starting point for a holiday in the beautiful surrounding regions.

Despite this, this city has managed to maintain a role that is anything but marginal in the tourism sector.

It takes very little to realize that Faro can be a point of arrival for a holiday. Quiet, with a genuine atmosphere, a beautiful and concentrated historic center, an efficient public transport service.

Here, some of the reasons why it is worth spending a holiday, albeit short, around here.

Faro in Algarve



Thanks to the presence of an important international airport, among the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, the best way to get to Faro is by plane.

Many companies, especially in high season, make direct connections to the main European destinations.

The airport is just a few kilometers to the city center, and is served by public transport. The center can be reached by bus lines 14 and 16, operating all day, from morning to evening. The ticket can be purchased directly on board for €2.35 per person.


Estaçao de Faro is the central train station, located right in the center. It is crossed by the Linha do Algarve, which crosses most of the south coast from East to West, for a total of about 240 km. The two terminus are Lagos and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Arriving by train, departing from destinations on the Peninsula is a solution that is good for the environment. The train, in fact, is one of the least polluting means of transport. Although it is slower than the plane, it is an excellent SUSTAINABLE solution! From Lisbon it takes about 3 hours.


The rule generally applies to all of Portugal. Arriving by car is to be taken into consideration only having the Iberian Peninsula as a starting point; in particular Madrid and the south of Spain. Here, the distances are not prohibitive.

Seville is just 250 kilometers away, while Malaga is just over 400 kilometers away. The Spanish capital is around 700 kilometers away.

Already from Barcelona, on the other hand, you have to take into account over 1000 kilometers, which are difficult to cover in a single day. The car remains a particularly polluting vehicle. If you have to opt for a rental, take an electric or hybrid car: it’s good for the environment and saves fuel.

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The City



Map of the city

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