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Patios Festival of Cordoba 2024, Courtyard, from 02 to 14 May

Patios Festival of Cordoba 2024

WHERE: Cordoba, Spain
WHEN: from 02 to 14 May 2024

Courtyards (or more correctly Patios) have a fundamental role in the culture and tradition of Cordoba.
Of Islamic origin, the patios represented a sort of “business card” for guests who entered the house. A real living room at home.
For this reason they were embellished with extreme care by the owners, using bougainvillea and the most colorful and fragrant flowers.

The period in which these “outdoor living rooms” offer their best is naturally spring in a riot of colors and scents.
A moment that finds its maximum expression in the Patios Festival of Cordoba (Courtyard Festival), an event so important that it even obtained recognition as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The event takes place in May, for almost two weeks. A period during which you can admire the patios fully flowered and in all their splendor.

A festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year and which has rightfully earned acclaim and flattering reviews throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Patios Festival of Cordoba Courtyard Festival



The historic center is the nerve center of the Cordoba Courtyard Festival. The most famous and well-known patios of the city are concentrated here.
Not far from the Alcazar, the San Basilio neighborhood, right in the center, offers some of the most beautiful and scenic patios in all of Cordoba. Naturally it is also the most visited and therefore you will have to make room in a crowd of people.

Just over 10 minutes walk from the Palacio de Viana, in the San Lorenzo district, you can admire equally beautiful courtyards. The patios de Trueque are especially noteworthy. The latter, among other things, can be visited from March to October.


Throughout the Patios Festival of Cordoba period, all of Cordoba is beautifully decorated. There is competition (literally) to show off the most beautiful patio.
There is a competition to reward the most beautiful patios, divided into categories (for example, there is the beginners’ one).
Tradition dictates that in addition to the courtyards, the railings and windows are also decorated, with relative prizes for the best and most beautiful.


The Patios can generally be visited for the entire duration of the festival, from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00

To attend the Cordoba Courtyard Festival and visit the various mansions you do not pay any ticket (unless otherwise specified).
An offer of any kind is always welcome.

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