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Cordoba, Andalucia. How to get to Cordoba by car plane train bus


Ancient capital of Al-Andalus, Cordoba is a true jewel of Spain, a world heritage site.
A place of extraordinary charm where different souls coexist: above all, the Moorish one.

Lying along the Rio Guadalquivir, the city develops around the splendid Mezquita, the Great Mosque of which it is the true symbol.
Its beauty, however, goes far beyond that.
The Alcazar. The Roman bridge and the Calahorra Tower. The Jewish quarter… Cordoba is a city of a thousand faces

A city to be discovered slowly, getting lost in the alleys and streets of the historic center. Maybe in spring, when its famous patios, all flowered and colourful, show their best side.

Without forgetting Flamenco which here, as in all of Andalusia, reaches its maximum expression.

Cordoba Andalucia



Seville International Airport (approximately 130km away) and, alternatively, Malaga (160km) are excellent bases for international travellers.
Both are well connected with direct flights to the main European destinations.
The Granada airport, smaller, can be considered as an alternative to the previous ones; it is located about 150km away.
By train or bus you can easily travel from Seville and Malaga to your destination.


Cordoba train station is located in the Gta. Tres Culturas, s/n, Noroeste, not far from the historic center.
The Andalusian city is served by the AVE (high speed) line which connects Madrid to Seville.
Renfe manages rail connections with the Andalusian city. By booking in advance you can take advantage of really convenient prices on the entire route.

On average, for Madrid, you pay between €40 and €50 per adult but it is possible to find fares as low as €16.50! The journey takes approximately 2 hours.
By train, in less than an hour, you can reach the city from Seville. Tickets start from €14 per adult at a special rate.


The bus station is located along Av. Augusta, in front of the train station.
At a standard fare, buses are cheaper than trains but have longer journey times (to/from Seville, for example, take around 2 hours).

The bus is a viable solution for medium-distance travel. For long-distance journeys (Madrid), the train is absolutely preferable as it takes less than half the time.
The service is guaranteed by Alsa, a company that operates throughout the territory with a dense network of connections.

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