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Etretat. How to arrive from Paris, Le Havre by train, bus or car


The evocative spectacle of white cliffs plunging into the sea!

The beautiful Parisian world fell in love with this small fishing village, fascinated by the landscape of white cliffs overlooking the sea, and by the beautiful pebble beach. Today, Etretat, can be considered, with good reason, one of the most renowned and elegant seaside resorts in all of Normandy. It is no coincidence that, over the years, it has been a popular destination for great painters, writers and composers.

Natural beauties are the absolute protagonists of the place. Above all, the marvelous Manneporte, a colossal natural arch.



The town is not directly accessible. No airport in the immediate vicinity, nor a train station. The only options are cars and buses.
Given the not excessive distance, Paris is an excellent starting point for reaching Etretat. The capital, in fact, is just over 200 kilometers away.
From Orly and Charles de Gaulle, you have to reach the center. Longer times, however, for those who land in Beauvais. Through this link, all the info on airports in Paris.


The nearest train station is Le Havre, which is approximately 30 kilometers away. From Paris-Gare St Nazare, it takes about 2 hours by Intercity, with tickets starting from €20.00 per person, at a special non-modifiable rate, and €39.00 at a flexible rate.
From Le Havre, the LR24 bus, of the French company Keolis, allows you to reach your destination.


The car is an excellent solution to arrive and move around the Region.
From Paris airports, you can rent your car at the best price, and start the journey to Etretat, crossing the A13 towards Le Havre, and then the D39, for a total of about 200 km.
By car from Nantes, to the south-west, it takes about 400 kilometers.
Coming from the United Kingdom, crossing the English Channel, you arrive in Calais, 270 kilometers away.

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