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Getting around Etretat on foot, by car or bus. Info and parkings

Getting around Etretat

Etretat is a small corner of paradise. It is no coincidence that its beauties, views, colors and wonderful views have inspired artists of the caliber of Monet.
Rightly so, the best way for getting around in Etretat is on foot. Cars and buses, instead, are recommendable solutions, exclusively, to reach the village.


Expect long walks, contemplating the surrounding nature and truly incredible landscapes. Often, to reach the beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea, you will have to cross paths. The distances to be covered, however, are not particularly high. From the Old Market, right in the center, to reach Falaise d’Amont and Etretat, exactly on opposite sides, you will have to walk for just over a kilometer.

The center is rather small and concentrated, and turns easily on foot.
The beach is located in the center, easily accessible.

Getting around Etretat


On holiday in Etretat, forget about your car. If you arrive in the city with your own car, we recommend parking it at the hotel, or, alternatively, at one of the various car parks in the city.
Long Rue Guy de Maupassant (road D39), before arriving in the center, you will find numerous payment strips to park your car. Alternatively, there is also a large parking area along the same D39 and, a little later, a Place Maurice Guillard, in the center. In the latter, smaller, you will generally have more difficulty finding free spaces to park your car.
The large parking area of ​​La Cappelle, and the opposite one, at Route Du Havre, used mainly by those wishing to visit the two cliffs.


Keolis is the French company that deals with public transport in the department of Seine-Maritime, Normandy Region. As for the car, the bus represents a solution to arrive, and not to move to Etretat.
There are two, the rubber lines that cross the village of Etretat: the 24 bus, Le Havre – Etretat – Fécamp, and the bus 17 Gare Bréaut – Le Grandval, Etretat.
The Town Hall, is the main stop of the 24 line. Le Grandval, and the Campsite are the stops located along the 17 line.

Generally, a trip costs around 2.00€ per person. The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle.

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