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Dubrovnik. How to arrive by ferryboat, plane or car. Info and connections


Magic, charm and tradition.

Dubrovnik charms at first sight. A truly magical and suggestive city that offers wonderful views and postcard views.

With its beautiful sea and beautiful landscapes. The evocative old town and the old city, wisely reconstructed after the destruction of the war. Its coast that invites to be explored. The hinterland is full of charm and tradition. And of course, a pleasant climate all year round.

Here, the many reasons that push more and more people, to visit this wonderful place. With the obvious consequences.
It is difficult to fully appreciate its beauty in the middle of August, when the city, and the surrounding areas, are stormed by hordes of tourists and vacationers.

Despite this, Dubrovnik, also known as Ragusa, is a truly beautiful city, waiting to be discovered




The city has an international airport, not far from the center, and well connected to the main European destinations. The aircraft is the ideal solution to reach the Croatian city, especially in the high season, when air travel increases considerably.

From the airport, you can reach the center by renting a car, by taxi, or by bus.


The port is located in Gruž, about 3 kilometers from the Old Town.

The ship is recommended to arrive in the Croatian city, only coming from Southern Italy. In fact, international connections are limited only to the port of Bari. In high season, there are up to 4 weekly crossings. The journey takes about 7 hours and a half.

From the port, you can arrive in the old city, by taxi or by bus. Despite the distance is not abysmal, walking with suitcases is not recommended.


Today, Croatia boasts an efficient road network and, above all, motorway. Arriving in Dubrovnik, and in the South, no longer requires immense efforts.

From the North, with the A1 passing through Split, you reach the Croatian city. From Trieste, almost to the Italian border, you have to travel a little more than 670 kilometers to get to your destination. Almost similar distances, coming from the Slovenian Ljubljana. The route also does not differ much from Zagreb, about 600 kilometers from Ragusa.

From the South and East, due to the roads, the times are considerably longer. From Tirana, in Albania, you must count over 5 hours to travel around 320 kilometers. From Belgrade, distant 460 kilometers, take around 8 hours!

Do not forget, moreover, that the crossing of some countries, involves the payment of OBLIGATORY of the appropriate vignette. More info from this link.

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