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Hosier Lane, Melbourne. Most colorful places in the world. Info, guide

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is, without a doubt, one of the liveliest and most colorful places in Melbourne.
One of those roads that hardly go unnoticed.

It is, at the same time, one of the landmarks of Street Art, thanks to the numerous art installations on the street walls.
A restyling project completed in 1998, thanks to the City Line Initiative.

Hosier Lane

Today it is considered a must see on a Melbourne holiday. Many insiders describe it as a sort of open-air museum in the field of Street Art.
The art installations, graffiti and murals are a true riot of colors.
Images that, overwhelmed, alternate with messages, most of which have a political background.

Many do not fail to be immortalized against the background of the walls of the most famous street in Melbourne.
If you also find yourself in these parts, we are sure that you will not miss this opportunity.



The lively Australian street is in the center, so you can easily get there on foot.
The street is located along Flinders St, just a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral.

You can also arrive by public transport, using tram lines 35, 70 or 75. You will need to get off at Russell Street – Stop 6. After a couple of minutes of walking you turn right and you are there.


In addition to delighting your view, Hosier Lane is a lively meeting place with bars and plenty of clubs. At the Good 2 Go you can enjoy excellent muffins and long black coffee (for lovers).
Spanish and international cuisine await you at Movida, at the beginning of the street.


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