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Burano, the most colorful city in the world. How to get, what to do and see


What is the most colorful city in the world?
If we try to ask someone this question, the answer may not be so obvious.

Yet, in the collective imagination. Burano is considered one of the most colorful cities on the planet. A statement that does not differ too much from reality.

Burano, not far from the beautiful Venice, is a picturesque and quite suggestive place. Many describe it as the Rainbow Island because of its pastel-colored houses that, almost immediately, stand out to the eye.
A place that seems suspended in time.


Burano is truly beautiful.
And not only for its splendid houses, and the alleys that offer, at every moment, particularly suggestive views.
The island is a succession of colorful streets and alleys, beautiful buildings and beautiful squares.

The sea is the common denominator. It is, however, an ancient fishing village, also famous for its lace making. The latter represents a real art handed down from the past. You will even find a lace museum.
And, again, splendid buildings, churches and lopsided bell towers. And, of course, legends handed down over the centuries.

This is Burano. The Island of the Rainbow. A place that remains engraved in your mind. And in your hearts.



The island can only be reached by sea, from Venice, on the ACTV vaporetto 12, the lagoon’s public transport company.
The departure is located in Venice – F.te Nove “A”, terminus of LINE 12. From here, in about 45 minutes, you reach the destination, passing through Murano and Torcello.
For those coming from the railway station, it takes just over 20 minutes to get to F.te Nove.

You can buy a ticket for a single trip at a cost of 7.50€, valid for a one-way trip of 75′. If you are on holiday in Venice, you might consider purchasing passes for one or more days. Prices start at 20.00€ (24h).


The island is famous for its beautiful colorful houses. There is an endless list of squares and alleys, more or less famous. In our opinion, the best way to enjoy the island is to get lost in its beautiful alleys: we are sure that you will not stop taking photos and capturing wonderful views of the place.

Of course, a visit to the Casa di Bepi Suà, located in Corte del Pistor 275, should not be missed. One of the most famous places thanks to the mix of shapes and colors.
The crooked bell tower of the Parish of San Martino Vescovo certainly does not go unnoticed: another famous place on the island. And, of course, given the great local tradition of lace, the pride of the Buraneli, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Lace Museum. It is housed in a building from 1870, in Piazza Galuppi, not far from the Parish.

Probably… you will have come hungry. In via Baldassare Galluppi you can stop at the “Trattoria Romano”, a historic place where you can eat really well.


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