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Venice public transport tickets, navigation, passes and season tickets

Venice public transport tickets

A necessary premise: public transport in Venice is anything but cheap. Furthermore, navigating through the numerous types of Venice public transport tickets may not be easy at all.

The choice should also be weighted according to the length of your vacation and, above all, from the place where you are staying.


Tickets for 24 hours and more are preferable if you want to visit Murano, Burano and other destinations in the lagoon.
If you have chosen to sleep in Venice Lido, you will also have to consider the cost of the transfer to/from Venice. That’s why, prefer subscriptions to ordinary tickets. While they are expensive, they could still save you money.

Venice public transport Tickets

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Here are the most important:

  • VENICE DAILY PASS. Integrated ACTV and Trenitalia ticket for all means of Venice and to travel by train in the municipal area of ​​Venice. It costs €21 and is valid for 24 hours from the first validation.
  • 2, 3 and 7 DAY TICKETS. They allow you to travel for the number of days chosen, on all the navigation lines, the Lido buses and the Mestre city buses. They cost, respectively, €20 (2 days), €30 (3 days) and €60 (7 days). Travel by aerobus is not included. If interested, by adding €6 you can take advantage of a trip to/from Venice airport with Aerobus (€12 for a round trip from the airport).
  • 3 YOUNG DAYS. This is the 3-day pass with the same characteristics as the previous one, aimed exclusively at young people between the ages of 6 and 29.


Optimal solution if you want to use public transport sporadically. Here are the main tickets:

  • 75 MINUTES ORDINARY AUTOMOTIVE TICKET. Allows you to travel on the Lido buses, trams and the Mestre urban area to Piazzale Roma for a time of 75 minutes from validation. It costs € ì1.50. Available in booklets of 10 tickets at a cost of €14. Can be purchased on board with a surcharge (€3).
  • NAVIGATION TICKET 75 MINUTES. It allows you to travel on all navigation lines for a time of 75 minutes from validation. It costs €7.50 per person.
  • AEROBUS. Valid for a single movement with origin/destination the airport. It can be used on Lines 5, 14 or 45. It costs €8

To transport bicycles and scooters you have to pay an additional fee of €1 for each item. The service is active only on certain lines (indicated on special signs before the entrance stoves and at the station).
Each traveler can carry up to 3 non-bulky bags.

Children under the age of 6 have free access with a paying adult.


All Venice public transport tickets can be purchased from automatic ticket machines, paying in cash or by credit card.
Tickets can be purchased from merchants displaying the “Venezia Unica” brand and through the convenient official APP (for iOS and Android)

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