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Acireale. How to arrive by plane from Catania. Sicily connections


Acireale, city of myths and legends, is a small paradise corner of Sicily.

A place to be admired all year round, even away from the crowds and summer chaos.
Maybe in January, on the occasion of the Feast of San Sebastiano.
Or, better still, during the Carnival, considered by many to be the most beautiful in all of Sicily.

A city that conquers at first glance, with its historic Piazza del Duomo, the beautiful circular floor mosaic and the imposing Cathedral.
A city that conquers… at the first bite. You can hardly resist a taste of its granita with “brioche”. Of course with the tuppo: in these parts it is an institution.

And if you are on vacation in the summer, you cannot forget its beautiful beaches, reserves and the beautiful sea.
Without forgetting its surroundings: Aci Trezza and the Island of the Cyclops, the volcano Etna …
History. Folklore. Culture. Sun and sea … what’s better than a holiday in these parts?

Acireale Sicily

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The Catania Fontanarossa Airport , the closest, is located just over 20 kilometers south of Acireale.
There are no direct connections by bus or train. Anyone wishing to arrive by public transport must necessarily reach Catania (bus or train) and then continue by bus.

By car, you can opt for the coastal road, free but almost always busy, or the E45 motorway. In this case, you arrive in about half an hour, but you pay the toll and increase the kilometers.


To reach Sicily by car you have to cross all of Southern Italy up to Calabria. Having reached Villa San Giovanni, almost at the most extreme point, you board your ship on the ferry (Caronte) and in a short time you will reach Messina.
From Messina, through the SS141 and the E45 motorway (for a fee) you can arrive in about an hour.

Possibility of boarding from Campania (Salerno) with a night crossing to Sicily. You disembark at the port of Palermo or Termini Imerese, and in just over 3 hours you will arrive at your destination.


The train station is located a couple of kilometers from the center, from which it is connected by the L2 line of the AST buses. In this case, the ticket costs €1.20 per person.
Acireale is located on the Messina-Catania railway line. From the latter, it takes about 20 minutes to arrive by train (Regional) at a cost of € 2.50 per person. From Messina, by train, it takes from 70 to 90 minutes, with prices starting from 7.60€.

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