Bordeaux. Get in by plane, train, car. Practical info, connections, distances


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Heritage of humanity and … of wine!

You say Bordeaux and immediately think of the marvelous fruit of its noble vineyards. Basically, it is impossible to remain immune to the charm that the name itself evokes. But this marvelous city is not just wine and gastronomy: Bordeaux has beauties, museums and monuments of extraordinary beauty, and an elegant eighteenth-century historic center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ideal to be discovered on a tour, and perfect to visit in a weekend, with its beautiful palaces in light colors, the wonderful squares, the beautiful museums (including the unmissable of the Belle Arti) and the evocative charm of the Garonne. So, a good journey to discover Bordeaux!





Bordeaux-Merignac it is the international airport that serves the capital of the Gironde. It is located in the commune of Mérignac, 12 kilometers west of Bordeaux, and is currently the ninth airport for passenger numbers across France. From here, numerous direct flights to the main European and extra-European destinations. For all info and connections on the airport, it is available our official page from this link.


The recommended method, and above all cheaper, is to use the bus Lianes 1 + of the public transport company TBC. This is a recently updated high-frequency line that connects every 10 minute the airport is the train station Bordeaux Saint Jean, serving the following sectors: Parc Kennedy, Mérignac Soleil, Mérignac Center, Barrière Judaïque, Gambetta, Palais de Justice, Victoire. Cheap, because it allows you to travel with the simple ticket from 1,50€ or with all types of subscription, useful for visiting the city.
Buses are in service every day, from 05:00 to 00:30 (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the last race is postponed to 01:15 at night).

Alternatively, the shuttle SHUTTLE, connects every day, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, the airport with the train station of Saint Jean. The stop is located at the 11 exit of the airport.
The service is active from 08:00 to 23:00 from the airport to the station; from Saint Jean, the races are active from 06:00 to 21:00.
The single ticket costs 7,20€, while the return ticket 12,30€. By purchasing the ticket on the official website, through this link, you can get a reduction up to 2€!



From Paris, it takes less than 600 kilometers to get to your destination. Similar distances, from Barcelona, ​​crossing the border between Le Perthus and La Jonquera. Less than 700 kilometers separate Bordeaux instead from Madrid. From Genoa you have to travel almost 1000 kilometers to reach the French city, most of them on the motorway; the distance expands starting from the center-south of our peninsula, which is why, whoever intends to arrive with his own vehicle, must estimate an intermediate stage, such as, for example, the French Riviera. To reach the city, cross the border at Ventimiglia.
Recall that the motorway network across the Alps is highly efficient and connects the whole country. Keep in mind, however, that the toll is quite expensive (especially in the stretch of the Côte d’Azur), and remember to respect the speed limits: the penalties are quite salty. At highway toll booths, it often happens to run into and be stopped by patrols (trucks, and vehicles with foreign plates are, of course, those most subject to checks).


Saint Jean it is the central railway station of Bordeaux. Unfortunately, from the point of view of the links, it is not very efficient; therefore, it is not recommended to use the train to reach the city of Gironde. Generally, from the main European destinations, one must always make at least one stopover; as a result, times and distances are considerably longer. Better, however, are the connections with the main French destinations.

The best connections are guaranteed by the TGV. Thanks to it, it is possible to reach Dijon, Lille, Lourdes, Montpellier, Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours. Further connections are guaranteed by Intercity and TER Aquitaine.

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