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Getting around Bonifacio by car, scooter and bus. Guide and info

Getting around Bonifacio

The southernmost (or almost) city of metropolitan France can hardly be the exclusive destination of a trip to Corsica. Unless you have wanted to run away from Sardinia; the scooter or, the quad, are excellent solutions for getting around Bonifacio.
The village can easily be walked around on foot, and the two-wheeler (or quad) is ideal for visiting the surroundings of the city. There are several rental agencies in the city.

Getting around Bonifacio

EuroCorse Voyage is the island company that deals with road transport for the lines Bonifacio / Porto-Vecchio / Solenzara / Aleria and Bastia and Bonifacio / Porto-Vecchio / Sartène / Propriano and Ajaccio.
Then there is the company Massimi, which from the 01 July to the 31 August, operates with the so-called “NAVETTE DES PLAGES” which in about 20 minutes leads to Spérone-Piantarella, and viceversa. Buses depart from Bonifacio to 08:45, 10:15, 12:15, 15:15, 17:45 and 19: 15; from Spérone beach / Piantolina to 09:30, 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30 and 20:00. The single fare ticket costs 5,00€ regardless of age. Moreover, Maximi also offers “à la demande” transport services for the whole island with cars and buses with driver, for transport up to a maximum of 51 passengers.
For more info, consult the official website from this link.



We recommend the car to leave to discover the beautiful beaches of Bonifacio; in particular, those along the eastern stretch up to Porto Vecchio. Even the west coast, up to the Gulf of Ajaccio, reserves great satisfactions for sea lovers. At the airport of Figari-Corse Sud, there are several car rental agencies.
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In the city, right at the entrance, there are numerous parking areas, both free and paid. Also at the entrance, moreover, you will find a special illuminated street sign, the availability in real time of the various car parks.
The “express parkings” are intended exclusively for stops within 20 minutes.

ATTENTION: the timetables and frequency of public transport and taxis are subject to verification due to the current COVID EMERGENCY.
Therefore, the information provided is intended as purely indicative.

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