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Getting around Beaune by public transport, taxi, bus or on foot

Getting around Beaune

The town of Burgundy can be easily explored on foot. Especially with regard to the small and intimate historic center.

Buses are preferable especially to reach the districts further away from the center.


Generally, for tourists, the visit of Beaune is limited to the area of ​​the ancient center, enclosed by the splendid city walls. Right here, the museums and places of greatest interest and appeal are concentrated: Hotel de Dieu, Wine Museum and others.

You can stroll on foot, among the splendid alleys and Renaissance buildings, stopping, from time to time, in one of the bistros, cafes, or boulangeries in the center.

Getting around Beaune by bike, on the other hand, can be an excellent solution if you want to get away from the historic center. Just past the city walls, at the beginning of Avenue du 8 Septembre 1944, you will find a bike rental agency

Getting Around Beaune Burgundy

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The public service is guaranteed by Côte & Bus – Keolis Beaune. There are only 5 lines active in the city, generally in service from Monday to Friday until 6pm. On Saturdays, buses run half a day, until around 1pm. Public service is suspended on Sundays.

Together with the urban lines, the 6 suburban lines 10, 12, 14, 16, 20.1 and 20.4 operate in Beaune. The suburban lines connect the city with the neighboring areas of Savigny-Lès-Beaune, Ladoix-Serrigny, Vignoles / Challanges, Chagny, Nolay.

The buses are suitable for medium-range travel beyond the historic center. Obviously, the times represent a big limitation, especially when arriving on the weekend.


The ticket for a single journey costs €1.00 per person, and can be purchased directly on board the vehicle. Alternatively, if you need to make more trips by bus, you can opt for the 10-ticket Carnet, which costs €8.00. Finally, there is a daily pass, for unlimited bus trips throughout the day; it costs €3.00 per person and can be purchased from authorized dealers displaying the brand.


In service all year round, they allow you to move around the city and neighboring municipalities. Arriving by train, you will find several taxis waiting as soon as you leave the train station. Obviously, as always, it is advisable to check the rate in advance.

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