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Gastronomy in Burgundy: moutarde, coq, pan d'Epice. Cooking

Gastronomy in Burgundy

History, tradition and an excellent food and wine offer; these are the unmistakable signs that make Burgundy one of the most delicious regions in France. A tradition that has its roots in the Burgundian court and the tables of the Dukes, whose magnificences were told throughout Europe by merchants and troubadours who had the good fortune to sit at their tables. And the news, are full of impressive stories on the kitchens of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Today, the Burgundian tradition, reserves some specialties from the taste and offer unparalleled, of which we list a brief description. Many products are omitted, but we invite you to try everything that is genuine to your table. You will not be disappointed by the Gastronomy in Burgundy.
We just have to wish you: BON APPÉTIT!


Andouillette de Chablis, a sort of large sausage with a soft and spicy flavor, prepared by hand with the pork intestine. Sometimes it is served in washers. It is prepared in a pan or grilled, often accompanied by Moutarde.

Boeuf bourguignon, or the Burgundy Manzo, of peasant origin is one of the “unmissable” in Burgundy. Beef Pulp cooked in Burgundy Red, accompanied by stewed onions and mushrooms sautéed with parsley, which are mixed with meat during cooking.

Photo ©, Naotake Murayama

Charolais, a tender, fine and tasty meat, which requires a short cooking time. It is usually cooked with mushrooms. Really great.

Coq au vin, dish of the French culinary tradition, it is said to have been served to Julius Caesar after the conquest of Gaul. The chicken is marinated very slowly and for several hours, with full-bodied Red Burgundy (sometimes the Chambertin), aromas, spices, carrots and then mushrooms.

Escargots bourguignon: the famous French escargots (snails) prepared with a cream made with butter, shallots and parsley. The snails are made to marinate three times and then cooked with garlic, carrot, onion and various spices, before being placed in the cream and sprinkled with breadcrumbs and melted butter. It is a specialty of the area.

Fondue Bourguignonne, a kind of fondue based on meat morsels, fried in a special saucepan and accompanied by various sauces. A must of the Burgundy Gatronomy!

Jambon à la Chablisienne: traditional Yonne recipe, in which slices of high quality ham are accompanied by a sauce with white Chablis wine, shallots, tomatoes, sour cream and a little flour.

Pochouse: a river fish soup with white wine.

Bresse chicken, the only one in the world to benefit from the DOC label 1957. Different for taste, structure, has a unique flavor. Chickens are reared exclusively with cornmeal and milk. A specialty. Seeing is believing.

Poulet Burgundy

Photo ©, Amy Stephenson

Poulet to Gaston Gérard: the name is that of an ancient Dijon politician of the 30 years. It is a traditional dish based on chicken cooked in white Burgundy wine and Moutarde de Dijon, served lightly au gratin and accompanied with a mashed potato.

Eggs en meurette, Burgundian specialties are poached eggs cooked in wine. Laurel, parsley, thyme, leek, onion, carrot are mixed a little at a time according to tradition and with an elaborate process.


Dijon mustard: do you know mustard that they sell in supermarkets, or fast food? Forget this crap because the Moutarde de Dijon has nothing to do. The brown mustard is the base of this delicate and at the same time spicy cream that often accompanies meat dishes. If you are in the area, try the one by Antoine Maille, founded in 1747.


Bouton-de-Coulotte, cheese produced in the South, high 3 cm.

Époisses, a typical cheese from the Burgundy Gastronomy, circular in the village of the same name, AOC certified in the year 1991. Made with cow’s milk and rind washed with Marc (local brandy AOC); it is slightly orange in color and soft inside.


Photo ©, Matt Biddulph

Soumantrain, soft and crust cow’s milk cheese with a refined taste.

Chaource, small-sized cheese with a cylindrical shape. Short curing with flowery rind and soft paste


Creme de Cassis, Burgundy specialty and main ingredient for the preparation of Kir, is a liqueur made from black currant (another specialty of the area) with a red color and sweetish taste.

Kir, an aperitif cocktail with white Aligoté and crème de Cassis wines. Named after the legend by the abbot Kir Dijon who prepared it for the guests.

Ratafia of Burgundy, a liqueur obtained from the union of Champagne distillate and grape juice.


Pan d’Épice, specialties of Dijon and Gastronomy in Burgundy. It is a soft dessert of wheat flour, rye and honey flavored in spices.

Goose, a marvelous variation of the gingerbread, soft, round, and stuffed with citrus jam. It is usually covered with icing or decorated with candied fruit and wrapped in a silver paper. BON Appétit with Gastronomy in Burgundy

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