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TAP Portugal check in and boarding. All the rules and practical info

Tap Portugal Check in

Easy. Convenient and fast. The Tap Portugal Check in could not be easier.


The online procedure is, as always, the recommended one. Quick and fast, it can be done within 36 hours before flight departure (24 hours from / to US). It is done directly online via APP from your device, or from a PC.
At the end of the procedure you will be assigned a seat and you will receive your boarding pass. It is not necessary to print it: you can show it directly from your smartphone or tablet with the official TAP APP.
If you have purchased several tickets with the same reservation, subject to availability, you will be assigned seats nearby.


You can choose to directly check in at the airport with TAP Portugal. In the airports you will find the appropriate self-check-in desks to carry out the procedure. Only the booking number and e-ticket will be required. You can also do it directly at the check-in desks, with longer times; in this case, it is recommended to show up earlier (at least one hour before departure).

TAP Portugal Check In


An extraordinary service that allows you to carry out the procedure at your home, or at an address provided by you. An employee of the company will present himself to you to check in the day before the departure and, at the cost of 35 €, will pick up for you any checked baggage; this will be weighed and sealed. You will receive a bubble.
On the day of departure, you must present one hour before departure with the SKYBAGS receipt. You will be issued a boarding pass and can go to the gate.


If you are traveling with only hand baggage, you must present yourself at the gate with your boarding pass and ID.
If you have one or more hold baggage, or sports equipment, you must present yourself at the appropriate desks. If you are traveling with animals, introduce yourself in advance, in order to make it easier to check the documents and certificates of your four-legged friend.


The procedure is rather simple and efficient, in line with the quality standards of the Portuguese company.
On boarding pass, received after the Tap Portugal check in, all basic information is contained: timetable, terminal, gate, area ….

The procedure is carried out following an established order. Only customers who have purchased the PREMIUM BOARDING service (for a fee) will have access from an exclusive area reserved for them.
To be the first to embark will always be the families with at least one child under the age of 2, the disabled and the people with special assistance. Travelers follow without hand baggage. Then, the passengers of the area A, and finally the passengers of the area B.

Please note that you need to show up at the boarding gate with at least 30 minutes in advance of departure.


Would you like to know, in advance, the names of other passengers traveling on your flight? From today it is possible, by checking in with Tap Portugal, and activating the FLY SOCIAL option; in this way, your Facebook profile will be automatically associated with your booking and you can view the list of all those who have activated the service.
In this way you will be able to discover who your travel companions will be and why not try to book a place to sit near!

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