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Getting around Tarragona on foot, by bike, bus, turistic train. Tickets, routes

Getting around Tarragona

The historic center, a world heritage site, is visited almost exclusively on foot. You can walk in extraordinary places, with a thousand-year history. Alternatively, for short distances, you could opt for the bike. In the city, you will find several agencies. Buses, which are quite comfortable and efficient, are the ideal solution for getting around Tarragona, for medium to long distance distances.


The car is a recommended solution to reach the city, and certainly not to move to Tarragona. Our advice is to leave the car in the parking lot, or directly at the facility where you are staying.


A fantastic tourist train, to discover the wonders of the city … from another perspective. A truly exclusive way to move around Tarragona, among the beauties of the historic center.
The train passes through the main points of interest of the city, and, in particular, of ancient Roman Tarraco. From the amphitheater, passing through Fort de la Reina, the Portal de Sant Antoni, and the ancient Roman walls.
The train runs from March to October, from 10:30 to 18:30; only in summer, the service is guaranteed until 20:00, with departures every 20 minutes.
The ticket costs 7.00€ per adult, and 4.00€ for children up to 12 years. Free for children up to 2 years old.

Getting around Tarragona


Empresa Municipal de Transports (EMT) Publics de Tarragona, manages an efficient public city transport network. With the daytime lines, it is possible to move in Tarragona, in the suburbs and in the neighboring areas.
Every day, 17 daytime lines are active, starting from the 05:00 approximately, up to the 23:00. The service is also guaranteed on Sundays and public holidays.
After midnight, until the 05:30, the 71, 72 and 73 night lines are active. The service works exclusively during the weekend, with runs every 2 hours.


For occasional visitors, we recommend buying the ticket directly on board the vehicle. The Bitzlet Senzill, allows you to make only one trip, without changes, on weekdays and holidays. It costs 1.50€ per person.
Other types are only indicated for non-occasional uses and, obviously, for stays of several days.
T-20 / 90, is an anonymous card that allows 20 travel by bus, in the acre of 90 days. It costs 16.00€.
T-50 / 45, is an anonymous card that offers 50 bus journeys, to be performed in 45 days from validation. It costs 30.25€.

The Targeta T-Avanza it is instead a rechargeable card, and a personal one, which is paid based on the trips made. From 1 to 5 trips, you pay 1.50€ for each trip; from 6 to 15, each ride costs 0.98€; over 70 rides, you will pay 0.42 for every bus journey. The card costs 3.50€ for the issue.

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