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Casa Torta em Binchinho, Brazil. Strange, curious buildings of the world

Casa Torta

Tiradentes is a municipality in Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, located just under 350km.
Not far from here, Casa Torta has become, over the years, one of the main attractions of the place.
The reason is mainly due to its incredible, and curious facade, made in a truly unique style.

A crooked house, with bizarre shapes and bright colors, in an attempt (moreover successful) to reflect the free and fun spirit of the entire project. A building far from the usual patterns and styles.

Casa Torta em Binchinho

Photo ©, Bruno Sousa

It is, in fact, an extraordinary cultural, playful and creative center, conceived by two Brazilian actors, in the charming Bichinho district.
Theater. Play area. Coffee. Souvenir shop.
A truly extraordinary entertainment venue that houses a bistro and a souvenir shop on the ground floor. A theater-museum on the first floor. A play area for the little ones, with swings, slides, board games in the courtyard.

There will be interactive activities, including painting and various games. Videogames in these parts, however, you will not find any!
Guaranteed fun for adults and, above all, children.



Prados is approximately 13 km away. You can only reach your destination by car, on a dirt road. The duration of the journey is approximately 30 minutes.

From Tiradentes, however, the distance is about 7 km on an asphalted road. From the city, there are also some buses that reach the Casa di Bichinho.


Casa Torta is open every day, except Tuesday, from 10:00 to 16:00.
Saturdays and holidays, from 10:00 to 17:00.
Closed every Tuesday.

The entrance ticket costs R $ 40 for adults, and R $ 20 for children. Reservation is required.
Due to the recent restrictions due to the coronavirus, access is allowed for up to 40% of the actual capacity.


Everything has already been said about the House in the presentation. The place is really ideal for families with children, thanks to the many activities that they can do on site.
There is no wifi line inside the structure (by choice), nor video games. You will find many board games and, in the courtyard, a play area with swings and slides.
But adults will also feel at ease in the warmth, the poetry and the evocative atmosphere of the place.

Of course, the facade is the main attraction with its truly … particular shapes.
Impossible not to be overwhelmed by the desire to take a picture!


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